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Episode 16 – How Technology Changed Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the one form of marketing that actually works because it began with trusted recommendations from friends and family to their personal networks. These referrals are gold – they are independent of marketing tactics and rely solely on the kind of experience an individual has with a brand, business or product. read more

Episode 15 – How to Build an Email List

In Episode 9 we talked about capturing leads, and in a recent episode, we discussed if Email marketing works. We came to the conclusion that it’s a resounding Yes. So with this in mind – the next logical question is How do you build an email list worth marketing too? read more

Episode 14 – Email is Dead. Long Live Email.

In Episode 8 we talked about why you need to automate your marketing. And touched briefly on nurturing campaigns and email marketing. Within this strategy is a whole world of debate and intrigue. So today let’s dive a little deeper into Email Marketing where we’ll answer the question being asked in the age of social media. Does it still work? read more

Episode 09 – Capturing Leads

In this episode, we put some depth into tactics you can use on your website and LinkedIn to capture leads and pull them further down the funnel. read more

Episode 06 – Why Old School SEO Doesn’t Work

Today, the goal of Google’s codebase is to give users the best search results possible. It’s no longer a war of who spends the most money on SEO, rather, it’s about who does the best job creating great content and taking care of their customers. read more

Episode 05 – Building a Quality Website

Why is it so hard to get a quality website built on time and on budget? The answer is really simple: most websites are almost always built backwards, starting with design. Why doesn’t it make sense to start a website project with design? read more

Episode 02 – B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

Our goal is to grow your network of professionals, but, before you start sending out connection requests, you first need to understand who it is you are targeting, and optimize your profile to attract that audience and increase your rate of connections. read more

Episode 01 – Building Your Audience

Word of mouth marketing takes the work you’ve done building your brand, creating products, and treating your consumer well, and amplifies it. The key is knowing who your audience is, giving them great content and sharing your expert insights with them, and continuously growing your audience to increase your referrals. read more

Episode 00 – Welcome to the B2B Word of Mouth Marketing podcast

Erin Barrio is a Marketing Strategist at boomtime, and met Bill while working as the Communications Manager for the Verge Fund, where Bill is a founding partner. Together, Bill and Erin will provide insights on how to grow your business with the one form of marketing that really works: word of mouth. read more