Partner Program

If you serve as a consultant or as a fractional C-Suite executive, your clients depend on you to get results and make a noticeable difference right away.

We can help you meet your personal and professional goals in three ways:

number 1

Attract more clients.

number 2

Create an ongoing income stream that lasts long past your engagement with each client.

number 3

Deliver results for your clients with the one form of marketing that really works.

Keeping your pipeline full, even when you’re too busy to do your own marketing.


If you’re like most consultants, it’s easy to focus on your own marketing when you’re looking for clients. Because you have to!

But once you’re working and busy focusing on what you do best, it’s easy for marketing to fall off your radar. It happens to everybody.

That’s the first way we can help. When we work with our partners, our first priority is to set up a simple yet effective Word of Mouth marketing system to uncover high quality leads for your business.

It starts with building your audience, connecting you with the people you want to be talking to, and starting the conversation in a way that leads to more of the specialized opportunities for which you’re looking.

Our first steps are designed to give you quick wins:

  • LinkedIn connection campaign that zeroes in on your ideal prospects online.
  • Reframing article that opens up a thoughtful and compelling discussion that leads to sales opportunities for you.
  • Mailbox Mining – our exclusive tool that helps you go through your inbox to find leads that may have fallen through the cracks and invite them to your email list.

We can also help your clients get rapid results. We do the above for them, plus add:

  • Engage: automatically follow-up with all new contacts, letting them know more about who you are, why you do what you do and what sets you apart.
  • Build: interesting and relevant content that keeps you top of mind so your prospects think of you first when they have a need.

Do your clients need great marketing?

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When you step into a leadership role in a business, how often do you notice that the marketing is a problem?

Growing businesses rarely have the time to do all of it themselves or the resources to hire a full time marketing team, which means their efforts might be haphazard and inconsistent.

This is common.

That’s where boomtime comes in. We’re here to serve as your fractional marketing team, providing the one form of marketing that really works: Word of Mouth.

When you refer your client.

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What is Word of Mouth marketing?


We all know what Word of Mouth is. But in this digitally connected age, we can amplify Word of Mouth in ways never possible before.

We create insight-driven content that provides perspective to your audience, giving them something to talk about. We call it Social Currency, and it translates into more Word of Mouth.

Every step of the way we follow the data to see what’s working.

How do I get my clients to sign up?


A lot of people simply add the boomtime fee to their proposal in order to present a more complete service offering. This is a seamless way to start, and it helps you and it helps your clients.

Other people have extended the offer to their own list. We’ve worked with partners to deliver master classes and other pieces of content and introduce the idea in the course of the class. This is a win-win for both of us, because you can provide your audience with advice they can act on while making the introduction.

Most of all, partners learn more by trying it for themselves. As a partner, you can enjoy preferential pricing (at a discount) to try our services and see the results. That way you can experience it for yourself before you talk to others about it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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