Mailbox Mining


Capture all of your firm’s relationships

It’s almost impossible to get your attorneys to use a CRM, but there’s one thing they all use: email. Your firm’s relationships are all buried in email, and we bring it out to the surface with Mailbox Mining, adding those invaluable contacts to your practice management system, CRM and conflicts. We first mine back in time for whatever time period you choose, and then constantly monitor your email for new contacts so that your internal systems are always up-to-date.

Why your firm needs Mailbox Mining:

number 1


Related parties after the initial file opening are notoriously difficult to get updated in the firm’s conflicts system. Mailbox Mining finds those contacts, and if the matter ID is included in the subject line, ties the contact to the appropriate matter.

number 2

Strength of Relationship

Understand the connections between attorneys and staff with each contact, instantly knowing with whom you need to talk. Invaluable for marketing and conflicts, it eliminates the firm-wide emails asking “Do you know so-and-so”.

number 3


The higher quality your contact database, the better your firm’s marketing. Your rainmakers make many valuable contacts that never make into the firm’s database.

CRM was supposed to be the solution

Trying to get attorneys to use a CRM system in your firm is like a modern-day Sisyphus rolling a CRM up the hill only to have it come crashing back down every time.


The one technology that everyone in your firm uses: email.



Mailbox Mining works with Gmail, Office365, Exchange servers and most other email systems that support IMAP.



Mailbox Mining integrates with your firm’s practice management, CRM and email marketing tools, keeping your internal systems up-to-date with current contacts.


iOS and Android apps

Coming in May, we have the perfect networking tool for attorneys that love smartphones: with the new boomtime iOS and Android apps, capture business cards on the fly, select follow-up nurturing campaigns with one click, and manage all your Mailbox Mining contacts.


Great Databases Need Great Marketing

Now that your firm has a great email marketing database, what do you do with it? Leveraging our proprietary marketing automation platform fuse, we’re constantly learning from the thousands of concurrent marketing campaigns that we’re managing for our clients. Word of mouth marketing is the one form of marketing that really works in legal, and we’re experts at making it work for law firms.

Our marketing automation platform fuse takes your Mailbox Mining to the next level.



Imagine if all of the new connections that everyone in your firm makes were then automatically followed up, sharing with them the expertise and breadth of your firm? That’s exactly what we do with boomtime ENGAGE: for the firm as a whole or by practice area, nurturing campaigns that keep you top-of-mind with prospective clients.


boomtime campaigns keep you top-of-mind with information relevant to your clients and prospects, sharing your firm’s expertise. BUILD content is also great for social media and driving your SEO strategy.