A New Voice

Ameritest, a Branded Communications Research Consultancy, provides businesses with the data, research, and tools they need to make strong brand communications.


With a change in leadership and a new focus on a consultative approach over a former thought-leader-guru style, Ameritest needs to rebrand itself and refocus how it communicates its brand to the marketplace.


While full of great information, the Ameritest website was informationally dense and difficult to navigate. The expertise held by the Ameritest team could no longer take a back seat to data-heavy publications. Ameritest’s new leadership also wanted to ensure it would continue to capitalize on its sterling reputation following the retirement of their founder and former President.

Goals & Insight

  1. Goal 1: Create a new, consumer-grade website that accurately reflected not only the knowledge base held by Ameritest as an organization but also the personality and experience of their deep team bench.
  2. Goal 2: Capitalize on the social networks of key players on the Ameritest team, broadening the potential client base and keeping peers in the loop about the great work done by the company.
  3. Insight: Shift the “face” of the business from being their former single guru founder to their deep bench of capable researchers and thought leaders.

Strategic Recommendations

The website and marketing should all focus on the accomplishments and conversations around Branded Communications being had by various members of the team. Team photos, writings by multiple team members, and promotion of various talks, accomplishments, awards, and case studies will show that there is more than one great mind behind Ameritest.

The market of people who work in branded communications research is a relatively small pool with lots of interconnected people. Coordinated sales and informational efforts on a social media network such as LinkedIn will allow Ameritest to stay in front of their prospects without overburdening their sales team or customers with advertising or marketing materials.


  1. Redesigned Website & Email Communications
    New top of the line website that incorporates their new voice which is one that comes from a position of expertise and consultation over data dumps, Email campaign to explain what it is that helps Ameritest see what others don’t, their process, etc. Brand recommendations to make sure what they portray with their visual and brand experience is a true reflection of their company philosophy and the strengths of their team.
  2. Networking & Connection Campaigns
    LinkedIn Connections to help them find the right people to connect with and start a conversation. We also use LinkedIn to follow up with new contacts, showing them the breadth of work and thought leadership being done at Ameritest with insights they can use in their own work. This approach highlights Ameritest’s active engagement within the branded communication field, introduced new prospects to the new voice and brand image, and showcases the full Ameritest team.


Ameritest’s new voice is cascading through the market, as more and more of Ameritest’s team takes the stage both literally and metaphorically across the globe, presenting at conferences, sharing insights, and capitalizing on Ameritest’s unique toolset. With steady growth across website traffic, their mailing list, and their LinkedIn presence, the audience for Ameritest’s unique insights and marketing grows each day.