Launching a New Website

Creating a website to drive Word of Mouth Marketing for trenchless technology.


AUI came to us for help with building a new website for an updated look and feel. Their old website was dated and difficult to use. Upgrading the site would allow for more clear messaging to their target audience. Furthermore, an updated backend would readily enable the team at AUI to upload and change information as their situation changed, particularly in the hiring realm.


A major challenge with any redesign is the impact on SEO and conversion rates. We had to take care to not only maintain their current traffic but increase it as well.

Goals & Insight

  1. Identify Target Audience: Identify the target audience AUI wanted to attract and capture through the website.
  2. Capture New Leads: As a unique service, anyone who visited the website needed to be captured and funneled into the CRM and email list.
  3. Stay top-of-mind: Identify tools and tactics to keep AUI top-of-mind for prospects and referrals.

Strategic Recommendations

One of the recommendations that resulted in a noticeable increase in traffic was to ask the readers to share the content with other people who may benefit from it.


  1. Redesigned Website
    New top of the line website that incorporates their unique voice and service, which is one that comes from a position of expertise and experience.
  2. Email Communications
    Email campaign to explain what trenchless technology is and why it’s so beneficial.



Contacts Made


People Listening