Camino Retirement Apartments and Westwind House



Camino and Westwind had outdated websites (the previous sites were created circa 2006). These websites did not put their best foot forward as they saw it. They came to boomtime because they wanted to update their website and digital look while also adding marketing features that would keep them top of mind with their customer base and make it easier to follow up with visitors.


As a provider of independent and assisted living communities, Camino/Westwind needed to break out of the negative ‘home’ connotation. There is much evidence that moving to such communities is excellent for your health and happiness. Especially as you get older.

Goals & Insight

  1. Website Redesign: Create a stunning website with a clear organizational hierarchy for visitors to work through with clear displays of their value propositions.
  2. Create Ongoing Email Campaigns: Create email newsletters with hyperlinks back to pages on the website for more information or third parties that were referenced.
  3. Increase SEO: Rank higher in the geographical region than their competitors.

Strategic Recommendations

Focus on optimizing SEO for the industry in Albuquerque. Keep build content on the site relevant to family members and prospects. Create multiple ways to increase list size. Add new features and functionalities to the website to continue to drive people back to it.


  1. Redesigned website with Customer Journey in mind
    We thought hard about the customer journey and came up with a solution that would allow for a nice flow of users. Directing them to their specific interests on the website along with giving them ways to sign up.
  2. Multiple Engage Streams
    To keep Camino/Westwind top of mind, we created various interest-based engage streams.
  3. SEO Considerations
    Relevant content with CTA’s to other related content was employed to compete on SEO. In this competitive industry, we had to make our website more useful, so users spent more time using it. Rather than just focusing on intelligent keyword strategy.


We created a website for both of their locations, Westwind House and Camino Retirement Apartments. The new websites had a significant increase in traffic. When you compare the traffic from 2018 to 2019, website visits were up 74.5%.

The following graphs provide some information about where those visitors came from and how they found the websites. Most of the traffic came from search (81.3%), followed by direct visits (13%), followed by social media traffic (3.7%).

Once new visitors came to the site they had the opportunity to join one of the mailing lists to find out more about the company. One of the goals of this marketing campaign was to follow up with visitors and potential clients. The visitors to each website were sent a series of eight emails, and those emails all had open rates and click rates that were vastly higher than the industry average.

The email series for the independent living facility had an average open rate of 31.6% and an average click rate of 8.1%. The email series for the assisted living facility had an average open rate of 49.5% and an average click rate of 10.8%.