Caring Pathways


Preparing for Growth

How we helped Caring Pathways connect with a reliable talent pipeline of compassionate veterinarians


Caring Pathways serves a clearly defined niche, providing compassionate, in-home administering experte and elegant goodbyes for pet owners.. While capitalizing on the paradigm shift in companion pet care, Caring Pathways has reached a bottleneck providing services to all potential clients. boomtime was tasked with supplying strategic recruitment tactics to sustainably build a talent pipeline for future growth.


Recruiting veterinarians to join the Caring Pathways team provided interesting caveats, because the company’s caring culture was the key business focus that proved sustainable success for new hires. Additionally, Caring Pathways was hoping to interrupt the career decision path with early career veterinarians looking for an alternative career path. The Caring Pathways model focused on being a mobile provider for empathetics face to face interaction, while leveraging the independence of confident and competent solo practitioners. These value propositions created a niche market for veterinarians, but opened their eyes to the uniquely valuable potential.

Goals & Insight

  1. Increase total applicant pool: Strategically target veterinarians within three main categories – new grads, early career, and late career.
  2. Communicate unique value to candidates: Utilize transparent job descriptions to succinctly present this career path as a much more attractive solution than the traditional clinic setting.
  3. Establish Caring Pathways as an industry leader within pioneering field: Use email streams to provide in-depth job & company info, and leverage LinkedIn to grow connector network and publish blog posts to appeal to the greater veterinarian field.

Strategic Recommendations

We aimed to create a user experience specific to the pain points affecting the targeted veterinarians. Transparent communication tactics to clearly outline the key business focus and points of differentiation for an alternative career path. Infographic FAQ download reward and email communication streams nurtured leads through key decision journey.


  1. Recruitment Website & Forms
    Standalone recruitment website with full breakdown of career, team, company, and larger paradigm shift in veterinary services for end-of-life pet care.
  2. Transparent Job & Company Description
    Communicating “day in the life” authenticity answered key questions and eliminated apprehension in education and application process.
  3. Compelling Content for Thought Leadership
    Strategic network growth hacking, coupled with LinkedIn blog posts and Reframing article presented network with credible articles to deepen authority.