Go Road Worthy


Go Road Worthy (GRW) finances first-time owner-operators of semi-trucks that have subprime credit.


With a change in leadership and renewed vigor, GRW looks to expand its presence in the marketplace. Offering financing opportunities paired with premium benefits, drivers can become first-time owner-operators and own the road like never before. Having subprime credit, while being a first-time owner-operator creates substantial risk when applying for a loan. These risk factors usually disqualify a driver from any funding. It’s this obstacle that GRW seeks to help drivers overcome with its trustworthy lending practices.


While full of ambition to get drivers back on the road, GRW is a newer company without sufficient market share. The challenge is to increase awareness of their unique and specific services. Targeting drivers, dealers, and enterprise-level carriers, GRW seeks to break into a competitive market with high barriers of entry.

Goals & Insight

  1. Goal 1: Invite the right people to apply for financing with GRW.
  2. Goal 2: Capture new leads.
  3. Insight: The decision-making process to buy a semi-truck is lengthy. GRW wants to be there to guide the applicant when they’re ready.

Strategic Recommendations

Create a marketing hub and launch campaigns that bring applicants back. Speak to each audience and convince them to use GRW.


  1. Marketing Hub
    Create a new, easy to navigate site that lays out the benefits and requirements for obtaining financing.
  2. Curated Content
    Create engaging content to teach the audience about the opportunities GRW offers. Serve this content to each audience where they want it; Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, or the blog.


Within a week after the launch of the new website and marketing hub, we already saw new interest.

As of June, 2020, 96 people like the GoRoadworthy Facebook page and 97 people are following it. Their website has had 2,030 visitors in the past year. Out of the 2,732 visitors, 776 came from search engine traffic, 1,066 were direct views, and 749 came from social media posts.