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Launching a New Law Firm

Creating a quality, modern website and nurturing campaigns to build and nurture an audience for a new law firm.


Human Resources Experience (HRE) came to us seeking help creating a website for their new law firm, owned and operated by lead attorney and HR specialist Cristin Bousliman-Heyns. Cristin started HRE out of her own experience and frustration with businesses who didn’t have preventative HR practices and policies in place that would have saved them time, money, and time spent in court if they had implemented them from the get-go. Cristin needed a captivating, modern, mobile-optimized website to capture new leads and grow referrals, and, she needed tactics for growing her brand new audience, and continuing to stay top of mind.


As a new law firm, the first immediate challenge HRE faced was developing and growing a captive audience, and starting word of mouth initiatives to get prospective businesses and clients aware of the services HRE could provide. The next challenge was developing a website that articulated Cristin’s vision and point of differentiation from other HR law firms on proactive and culture-driven HR that would lead to exceptional workplaces, through her products and services.

Building and growing a new audience takes time and energy, but it was important Cristin’s firm start gaining clients and referrals quickly. Therein, the next challenge was staying top-of-mind to her audience.

Goals & Insight

  1. Identify Target Audience: Identify the target audience HRE wanted to attract and capture through website.
  2. Capture New Leads: As a new law firm, anyone who visited the website or had meaningful exchanges with Cristin and her team needed to be captured and funneled into her CRM and email mailing list.
  3. Stay top-of-mind: Identify tools and tactics to keep HRE and Cristin top-of-mind for prospects and referrals.


  1. Create Content Geared Toward Target Audience
    We worked with the HRE to determine who their target audience was: small businesses that didn’t have a dedicated HR professional on staff, and were relying on staff with little to no HR experience to handle HR matters. We built a mobile-optimized website with this audience in mind, creating micro-commitments throughout the client’s journey with testimonial quotes, original blog content, and a clear path from proactive legal services, to culture-driven HR, and finally exceptional workplace products.
  2. Mailbox Mining and Lightbox
    We integrated Mailbox Mining for HRE’s attorneys and staff to ‘mine’ their inboxes for prospects that could be added automatically to their email database. We also implemented a pop up lightbox for the website with a strong reward for email subscribers to sign up to receive her email nurturing campaign.
  3. Engage Series
    Based on our intakes with HRE’s team, we built out an Engage email campaign designed to nurture new prospects who signed up via lightbox or Mailbox Mining to keep HRE top-of-mind.

Results & Stats


Mailbox Mining identified over 350 prospects in less than two months, automatically adding them to HRE’s email distribution list.


In total, Mailbox Mining has grown HRE’s email database by 168%.

+35% | 3/2%

HRE’s Engage series has a 35% open rate and a 3/2% click rate.


New website has received an increase in traffic of 46% since launching in February.