La Rodadora


Reinventing La Rodadora

Develop a website that not only highlighted the offerings La Rodadora provides for children’s activities, but showcased the myriad of event rentals and other workshops and activities it provides.


When La Rodadora first approached us about redesigning their website, they stated that they wanted something more sophisticated than their current site, and needed the new website to not only highlight their offerings for children’s activities and exhibitions, but showcase that they also housed ongoing workshops and events for a wider audience, and were available for event rentals from weddings to corporate events and team building. The original website was dated – a long, scrolling homepage that seemingly went on forever and featured cartoonish graphics. The website was slow to load and their communications with their email database were sporadic and not uniform.


The sheer number of events and workshops La Rodadora hosts was the first challenge we faced when coming up with a website design. The original website also made it very difficult to understand the full spectrum of what they offered, beyond their core offering of the children’s museum. Communications to their database went to everyone one the list, but it was clear that there needed to be some segmentation put in place for these communications to be effective.

Goals & Insight

  1. Website Redesign: Create a stunning website with clear organizational hierarchy for visitors to work through with clear displays of their value propositions.
  2. Create Ongoing Email Campaigns: Create highly visual email newsletters with hyperlinks back to pages on the website for more information or third parties that were referenced.
  3. Standardize Communication Streams: Create list segmentation within existing database and create standardized, automated process behind sending communications.

Strategic Recommendations

When we were designing the website for La Rodadora we kept organizational hierarchy top of mind, and we knew that the navigation bar for the website had to clearly display their core offerings and value propositions. Updated iconography, color palettes and fonts to give the website a more modern look and feel, while still staying true to its roots as a website and organization targeted toward children and youth. Create stylized visual content to be sent on a regular schedule with automation to alleviate inconsistencies.


  1. Website Hierarchy and Visual Display
    Created a navigation bar with clear organizational hierarchy for visitors to find what they were looking for. Clear display of core offering and value propositions for children’s museum, and related offerings for a more general audience. Implemented a zig-zag template for scrolling with strong visual assets and links to interior pages to make fining information fun and easy for visitors. New website loads 40% faster than the original.
  2. Standardize and Automate Communication Streams
    Email communication streams are sent out bi-weekly and feature the latest events, promotions, and exhibits and call to actions that direct readers back to the website for more information. Stylized, visually captivating, and all emails include UTM codes for tracking.


A month after launching the new website we saw a tremendous increase to overall site traffic and engagement with the website:

Statistical Benefits


Users to the website were up 40.9%


Sessions were up 46.2%


Pageviews were up 49.6%


Engagement was up in organic and direct searches.


Average sessions were up 24% with visitors spending an average of 3+ minutes on the website