New Mexico State Police


New Mexico State Police Recruitment Campaign Case Study

Growing recruitment numbers in a difficult climate


The NMSP is the foremost law enforcement agency in New Mexico. They span every corner of the state and maintain 13 different specialty teams. An officer with the NMSP receives competitive wages, great benefits, and a lifetime pension upon retirement. Even with this kind of offering over the last decade, they have seen their recruitment numbers diminish. NMSP came to us for help optimizing their website to capture potential new recruits, and come up with a strategy for attracting more recruits to apply.


Across the nation our Law Enforcement services are facing a crisis. Recruitment numbers are down and the reports aren’t looking bright for these efforts in all levels of Public Safety. The New Mexico State Police were facing the same dilemma when they came to boomtime.

Their recruitment numbers were lower than their annual retirement numbers, causing an unsustainable situation. With the ever changing social and political climate, a robust job market, and communication methods that look completely different than just 10 years ago, the NMSP knew they had to try something different if they hoped to turn the tide.

Goals & Insight

  1. The first step we took in their new recruitment strategy was to establish an automated communication stream that engaged interested candidates from their first point of contact. This email stream starts a conversation with the reader that is ongoing and aims to answer many of the questions they are asking, and even those they haven’t thought of yet.
  2. Capture Prospects: We captured prospect’s information through a series of on-site Pop ups, in-line opt-ins, and cookies that allowed us to retarget our messaging beyond a users interaction with an ad or visit to the site.

Strategic Recommendations

When we began to work with this client the first issue we tackled was the messaging. We strongly believe that in a world that moves at the speed of social media, where the average American checks their phone every 10 seconds, an ongoing conversation is the best way for a message to make an impact. The approach has been that of a lifestyle marketing campaign. By allowing a visitor the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an officer with the NMSP we are creating a narrative that will resonate beyond their interaction with our campaign, and ultimately inspire them to take action to bring that narrative to fruition.


  1. Mobile Centered Website
    We developed a mobile centered video focused website that takes a visitor on a journey through a career with the New Mexico State Police. This immersion strategy is so visitors can walk in the shoes of an officer from recruitment, to a career in the 13 special units, to a trip around the 12 districts of New Mexico, and through to earning a lifetime pension. This establishes an emotional buy-in for those who take the time to go through the various chapters of the site.
  2. Leverage Social Media
    After establishing these online platforms we still faced the issue of outreach. Traditional efforts being implemented were expensive, random, and had no way of tracking results or dollars spent. Instead we implemented a strategically targeted social media campaign that allows us to target by interest, demographic, and region. We are also able to track the effectiveness of every dollar spent. Within 3 months of launching this final piece we had reached more than 600K potential candidates resulting in thousands of interactions with site.
  3. Tracking and Reporting
    By implementing tracking scripts throughout all campaigns and the website we have been able to identify what has worked well and what has fallen short of expectations. This ongoing testing has resulted in campaigns continually outperforming the previous iterations. With monthly analytic reporting of campaign results we have been able to work with the NMSP to help them better understand their own recruitment process from the earliest stages.


As a result of the successful integration of these systems, in just one year the New Mexico State Police have seen a 75% increase in submitted applications and a substantial improvement in the retention of cadets going through the academy.