Peacock Law


Leveraging Website as Center of Marketing Strategy

Creating a robust website that is the centerpiece for capturing referrals and easily communicates information and services about Peacock Law using logical discovery models


Peacock Law works in Intellectual Property Law, and therein, offers a wide range of legal services for potential clients, and houses several attorneys and patent agents. Knowing that referrals come in at the attorney level, the website needed to treat each attorney’s bio as an internal home page where visitors could learn more about each attorney, their practice areas, and patents they had worked on.

Peacock needed a website that would cleanly and intuitively display their services, capture visitors coming to the site, and have continual engagement through content being sent to their database to drive Word of Mouth and SEO development.


Attorney pages were the initial focus during website creation. Each attorney page needed to display and link back to other pages on the website, namely, Practice Areas, blog articles authored by individual attorneys, and patents they had worked on. The strategy being to drive the visitors journey toward becoming a client by building trust in Peacock Law and their team.

Because of the wide array of services offered through Peacock Law and the need to tie those practice areas back to individual attorneys, developers spent time building the website to best display legal services on desktop and mobile that didn’t require a visitor to have to “dig” unnecessarily for information. Additionally, the website needed to house the 1,000s of PDF patents that the firm and their attorneys had worked on, and that information needed to be displayed and easily accessible for website visitors.

Peacock had an existing database of client emails from prior legal services performed that they weren’t engaging with, and they weren’t capturing new potential clients visiting their website and staying top of mind.

Goals & Insight

  1. Website as Marketing Centerpiece: Drive more referrals to Peacock Law P.C. through attorney pages and organize website in such a way that clients can intuitively access information, from services to patents.
  2. Drive Word of Mouth: Design engaging, authoritative content around key component areas of Peacock Law’s legal services to drive word of mouth and traffic to the website.
  3. Highlight Peacock Law through “Women Owned Business Certification”: Structure information hierarchy, design, and ongoing conversation campaigns through framework of being a woman-owned law firm.

Strategic Recommendations

Design website to increase Word of Mouth and drive referrals through individual attorneys. The website will serve as the central communication hub and centerpiece for marketing strategy. Build engaging, authoritative content with new and existing clients in mind, highlighting Peacock Law as a woman-owned business. Enhance referrals from existing clients by sending consistent, meaningful content to database, and capturing and converting more prospects through a website lightbox and informational reward.

Patents were sorted and categorized by attorney, numerical code, and industry, and could be found by searching different industry focus areas. The strategic value was to show within the industry focus areas which attorneys had worked on which patents, and similarly, to access that same information from an attorney’s ‘about’ page.


  1. Website Hierarchy
    Create organizational hierarchy for website through practice area, industry, focus area, associate counsel and patents.
  2. Capture and Grow
    Implement a Lightbox on their website to capture new emails by offering an informational reward for new subscribers, and send engaging content around key services and methodology: philosophy, IP, practice areas, industries, practicing attorneys.
  3. Drive Continual Traffic
    Use email campaigns as a way of growing referrals, email database, and driving clients back to the website for continued traffic and extending their consumer journey.


Peacock Law website receives steady monthly traffic to the website, and captures new visitors through lightbox and informational reward. Email database has steadily grown, and email content receives strong engagement via open and click rates.

Statistical Benefits


Peacock Law P.C. outperforms website sessions compared to standard benchmarks for its industry, Intellectual Property, and class size (0-99) by 52%.


Peacock Law P.C. outperforms new uses to its website compared to standard benchmarks for its competitors by 50%, and average sessions are up 9.67% to their competitors.