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Generate a qualified and valuable network of connections on LinkedIn and drive engagement.


The CFO Center provides the skill sets of experienced Chief Financial Officers of large corporations to the small and medium sized businesses, allowing smaller organizations to benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced CFO without incurring the expense of hiring someone full-time.

Earl Hopper is the Regional Director and Fractional CFO for the Arizona market. Earl knew there was an opportunity to generate engagements and conversations with the right people on LinkedIn but was unsure how to optimize it and make it work for his business. Bill Bice, the CEO of boomtime connected with Earl on LinkedIn and well, the rest is history.


There are three main challenges to overcome when starting a B2B Social Selling initiative. The first is how many connections the client has to begin with and whether the current connections are active participants on the platform. Earl started with a few hundred connections that he had built through mutual friends and colleagues. He had just begun connecting with local business leaders in the Arizona market when he engaged with boomtime.

The second challenge is connecting with the right audience. In the world of B2B Social Selling, it can be hard to know when to pursue referral partners who are active in the community or the decision makers of prospects you are looking to engage with.

The final challenge that is arguably the most difficult to overcome is consistency. Anyone who knows B2B sales knows how important it is to maintain the influx of prospects and maintaining a healthy pipeline. Too often someone in this space lands an engagement and dives completely into delivering for a client and their pipeline suffers.

Goals & Insights

  1. Goal 1: Increase the amount of connections and grow the audience for Earl on LinkedIn.
  2. Goal 2: Using boomtime’s in-depth discovery process, identify the right people to connect with.
  3. Goal 3: Ensure that Earl is consistently driving engagement and building a network on LinkedIn.
  4. Insight 1: Earl knew that LinkedIn could be a solution for the challenges he faced.
  5. Insight 2: Earl’s audience and location was fruitful for this initiative.

Strategic Recommendations

It was integral to get Earl’s commitment to the process and his share of execution if it was going to work. Earl knew that if he could get a conversation started with the right person that he could take it to the next steps in his process. An article was created and posted to LinkedIn by the boomtime team that showed Earl’s expertise and the problems he could solve. This article was used in connection or follow up messages sent by the boomtime team with the goal of starting a conversation with Earl. With Earl being located in the Greater Phoenix area this allowed us to target a large variety of small and medium sized business owners that might be in need of Earl’s services.


  1. Solution 1
    Optimize Earl’s profile so that it reflects all of his expertise in a concise and compelling way. As part of this we will ensure that he is active on Linkedin so that someone who is evaluating his profile as a potential connection or client will see the type of content he engages with.
  2. Solution 2
    Use Sales Navigator to develop in-depth queries targeting Earl’s ideal prospects of business owners in the greater Phoenix area of the size likely to need expert financial consulting.
  3. Solution 3
    Create a reframing article that not only shows Earl’s expertise but also encourages his audience to think differently about an issue they may face. We will then send connection and follow up messages to the list of potential prospects that includes the reframing article as a conversation starter.


After starting with a few hundred connections on LinkedIn, Earl now has over 6,000 connections. These connections have opened many doors and have allowed Earl to grow his business. Earl has landed one of his most significant clients through this campaign and now his problem is having enough time to sell! Earl has a steady, growing pipeline from his increased network on LinkedIn.