Too Good Programs


Building WOM on Established Brand

Create consistent marketing campaigns for established educational programs and curricula with an existing website.


Too Good Programs is a long established educational and community driven programs and curricula creator. Too Good Programs came to us to help them put a marketing strategy together to help them stay top of mind and reach a wider audience within education administration.


Too Good Programs benefits from having a long established brand and reputation in educational programs and curricula, and within that, has a clear voice and tone when speaking to their audience, and a clearly defined audience in education administration. Our challenge was to learn how to adopt that tone and voice and create insight driven content that would engage their considerable client and subscriber list, while garnering new contacts through their existing website.

Goals & Insight

  1. Stay top of mind: Keep in front of the subscriber base with new and existing programs and curricula. Highlight and drive awareness around Too Good Programs training and conferences.
  2. Offer Insights to Drive Product Purchases: Create insight driven articles to post to Too Good Programs website that further cement their position as an authority in their field and provide “freemium” information for returning clients and prospects.
  3. Stay top-of-mind: Identify tools and tactics to keep HRE and Cristin top-of-mind for prospects and referrals.

Strategic Recommendations

One of the recommendations that resulted in a noticeable increase in traffic was to ask the readers to share the content with other people who may benefit from it.


  1. Monthly Newsletter
    The goals for the newsletter are to:
    • Educate existing customers about the range of products Too Good offers.
    • Get the word out to a broader market about the programs.
    • Find the balance between Mendez Foundation and Too Good Programs.
  2. Insight Driven Articles
    Since the beginning of 2019 we have sent out our series of eight Engage emails that introduce the program to new subscribers who downloaded their information reward, “The Five Elements of a Quality SEL Program.” As of May, 2020, the Engage emails have been delivered to 68,516 new subscribers. They have an average open rate of 19.2% and a click rate of 4.6%.
    Once subscribers have received the Engage series they also begin to receive the Build series of articles. The build articles were placed on the Too Good blog and subscribers received the email newsletter announcing the article and giving updates. Those emails had an average open rate of 22.7% and a click through rate of 9.8%.
  3. Drive More Website Traffic
    Compared to last year, the number of website visitors has increased by 37.2%.
    It was in the beginning phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of the subscribers (who are mostly educators) were struggling to figure out how to deliver the content while all the students were staying at home because school was cancelled. The first newsletter that was sent in this situation addressed the stressful situation, linked to a page on their website with free resources, and directly asked the subscribers to forward the email to parents. This resulted in an immediate increase in website traffic.
    During the months of April and May website visits were up 50.6% compared to the previous year and the number of visitors who came from the emails increased by 1375.4% compared to the same time period last year, which indicates that the list has grown and the emails are becoming a more reliable driver of traffic. We are currently working to continually improve engagement with their audience and find new ways to bring more traffic to the website.