Capture the pageview information of visitors to your website, even if they don’t fill out a lead generation form. Learn who they are, where they work, what they looked at on your site, and whether they are a potential lead that your team should contact.

The why of DISCOVER

Identifying and capturing quality leads are vital to filling your funnel and generating sales. You’re driving traffic to your website and have activities in place to capture leads, including using interest forms and opt-ins with informational rewards. But 98% of visitors to your website leave before you can capture their information. We created DISCOVER to show you who is visiting your website. It captures data on visitors to your website not collected by your other lead capture activities.

DISCOVER uses your existing website traffic. It captures the static IP of visitors to your site and information on what pages they visited and for how long. Through reverse lookup, it matches that IP to a database of companies. You receive valuable information about that visitor, including company name, size, revenue, geographic location, social media accounts, and even contacts at the company. You also learn who referred them to your website (organic search, ad campaign, referral from another site) and what their path was on your site.

The integrations built into DISCOVER allow you to push leads to your CRM and start nurturing them right away. DISCOVER makes it easy to capture the potential buyers visiting your website, so you can reach out and turn them into qualified leads. You only pay for valid leads, so it’s very efficient and inexpensive.


$ 95
  • $2.95 per lead
  • Only pay for valid leads
3-month minimum commitment
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