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COVID-19 is reshaping so much about the world we live in and the world we work in. It’s the first time in history that we are experiencing something akin to monoculture, and it has dramatically changed the way we work, do business, and interact with the world around us. Some of those changes will be temporary. Other things, like word of mouth will always be important. But many of the changes we’re experiencing today in how the world is doing business are going to stick around on the other side of this crisis. Many examples can be seen by looking at China as they come out of this crisis. But here are three key things that I believe will change forever.

Remote work will drive even more use of technology

More remote work means less face to face and more use of technology to get things done. With the need for everyone to stay home, we’re seeing a lot fewer in-person meetings and a lot more use of technology to carry out business. How businesses utilize technology is changing rapidly, and many businesses are having to use technology for the first time or in new ways. They’re learning that not only can technology and a remote workforce work for them, but that it can allow them to do business more efficiently. On the other side of this crisis, I think we’ll see even more remote work and the use of technology.

Consumers are going to want you to bring things right to them

With the need to stay home, consumers are looking for ways to have everything they need brought right to them, from restaurant delivery to Amazon and grocery deliveries to meeting online rather than having to go into an office. On the other side of this crisis, consumers are going to be used to having everything come right to them, and likely to still expect it. Businesses are going to have to figure out new ways to meet those expectations and demands both during this crisis and going forward. It’s going to have a dramatic effect on how businesses market and talk to their prospects and clients, how they provide their products or services, and even how they support them.

There will be less business travel

With the inability for business travel to take place right now, businesses are discovering that a lot of the meetings and activities they thought required travel and in-person face to face meetings can, in fact, be carried out remotely and online with services like Zoom. They’re also seeing how much money eliminating travel can save them. This will definitely affect how much business travel takes place on the other side of this crisis as more businesses become accustomed to working with their partners and clients virtually.

We’re learning a lot about marketing in this time of crisis and how much of it can be done differently. From how we interact with family and friends, to how we experience marketing, do business, and purchase goods and services, COVID-19 is continuing to shape what our future will look like.

All the best,

Bill Bice

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