The Challenger Sale

Unlocking the Secrets of The Challenger Sale

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It's not what you sell, it's how you sell

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Key insight driven marketing creates more sales opportunities

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Improve your client’s purchasing experience and increase your bottom line!

Only 53% of sales reps make their quota.


Think about that for a moment. I’m typically on the optimistic side, but this is a case where the glass really is half empty, particularly when you think about how quota is often just enough to make it worth having that salesperson. Imagine what would happen if we could fill up the glass!

A group of researchers at the Gartner Group tackled exactly that question by evaluating the characteristics and behaviors of 6,000 salespeople at 90 companies. The results of all of their research was captured in The Challenger Sale, and I’m going to not only highlight the most important elements of their research, but also share with how you can implement the Challenger Sale in your business.


Bill BIce, CEO

Bill Bice, CEO

Unlock the secrets of the Challenger Sale