Who We Are

We approached marketing as a technology problem, and then recruited a team of world-class Word of Mouth experts.

boomtime CEO Bill Bice is a programmer at heart. Why is he running a marketing company? Because these days, great marketing is all about the data.

We built fuse, the world’s first marketing-as-a-service platform, and used it to recruit our world-class team of Word of Mouth marketing experts along with our network of 300+ subject matter experts.

Bill created boomtime by teaming up with Mark Canon, previously the CEO of Hibu, the Yellow Pages company in the UK. Bill has spent his career helping entrepreneurs and business owners figure out how to reach their potential. Mark built a £200M digital marketing business in the U.K. in three years. Together, they’ve created a new approach to marketing, one that fuses technology and expertise together to deliver marketing-as-a-service at scale.

Bill Bice - boomtime Founder and CEO

Bill Bice

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Bill is passionate about helping small business grow. Bill started his first company at age 18, growing ProLaw Software into the largest law firm automation system for small and mid-size law firms. Joining the acquirer at Thomson Reuters, Bill joined the management team of the $2B West division, where he used the marketing sophistication of an industry leader to take a brand new offering to market, West km. Bill's goal at boomtime is to enable smaller businesses to more effectively compete with their larger competitors.

Mark Canon

Mark Canon


Mark built the new media business at Yell.com from essentially scratch to a £200M business in less than four years. Mark likes to joke that he has spent more time in local marketing, and therefore made more mistakes, than anyone else in the industry. Having worked with hundreds of thousands of businesses in the U.K., boomtime was born out of Mark's desire to create a completely different approach to tackling marketing challenges.

Stef Odem-Wertz

Stefani Odom-Wertz

VP of Operations

Stef brings order to a world that is all too often full of chaos: content creation, graphic design and web development. As the Director of Creative Development, Stef brings two decades of project management experience to delivering for boomtime clients day in and day out.

Ben Morin

Benjamin Morin

Founder & CTO

Ben has over two decades of experience designing, developing and delivering solutions for small businesses that are functional, efficient and secure. As CTO, Ben directs technology and product strategy and oversees platform architecture, design implementation and development operations. Ben was formerly the Director of Software Development and Senior Software Architect at ProLaw Software, a legal practice management provider.

Ken Bassham

Ken Bassham

Chief Revenue Officer

Ken’s experience helping business grow started with joining ProLaw Software in 1998 as the National Sales Manager. During his tenure, he rolled out the B2B sales team that accelerated ProLaw’s expansion, leading to acquisition by Thomson Reuters. Ken joined the team at Thomson Reuters as Senior Director of Sales, overseeing the law firm segment.

James Krantz

James Krantz

Director of Business Development

James has spent his career helping to build and manage small business. At boomtime, James puts that practical experience to work every day, helping small business owners across the country grow their business.

Danny Dickson

Danny Dickson

Director of Web Development

Danny was previously at GoDaddy, where he led the effort to build their custom website development platform and service.