About us

We don’t want to live in a town where every coffee shop’s a Starbucks, every salon’s a Supercuts and every sandwich shop’s a Subway. Local businesses like yours make the places we live what they are: real, authentic – local. We have a way for you to level the playing field, find new customers and get more from the ones you have.

We call it Community Driven Marketing.

“Email generates 40 times more customers
than Twitter and Facebook combined.”

– Media Bistro

What We Do

We build email promotion networks that let businesses like yours share customers and convert digital word of mouth to generate leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.



We build and manage custom email networks to help our clients cross promote.



    We create custom promotions to attract new customers and generate repeat business.



      We collect, optimize and separately manage lists and mailings for your networks.


        Word of Mouth

        We manage your brand across hundreds of sites to convert word of mouth into leads.

          “74% of consumers identify word of mouth as
          a key influencer in their purchasing decision.”

          - Ogilvy and Google

          How We Do It

          We work with our clients to create custom email networks made up of businesses with similar customers. Our networks help you and your partners share customers and get the most out of the ones you have.


          We analyze who your customers are and who you want to reach. This lets us understand what kind of partners you need in your network.

          Network Type

          We identify your network “type” and map you to the business categories that have the right kind of customers for your business.

          Partner Map

          We map the network type that works best for you to your current partners and other businesses in your market that fit. Then we make a list.

          The Show

          We set up an event for you, your partners and your prospects to explain how networks work and get everyone started.

          “75% of all online adults say email is their
          preferred marketing method.”

          - GoDaddy

          Why It Works

          The networks we build work because of the relationships our clients have with their customers and other businesses. They’re local, and they’re meant to be. They work because the people who get promotions have relationships with the people who send them and because they trust the network.

          Contact Us

          Call us and we’ll help you build your own network.