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We have a way for you to level the playing field, find new customers and get more from the ones you have. Watch the video to find out how with boomtime Reach.

“Email generates 40 times more customers
than Twitter and Facebook combined.”

– Media Bistro

How It Works

We build email networks for businesses like yours that let you share customers with your partners. It’s simple.

We profile your business, collecting key data points like the type of customers you have and where you do business.
We use your profile information to help us match you with other businesses across the overall network and create the perfect network for you.
We help you build content that attracts customers and then give you monthly reports that help you optimize your network’s performance.

“I didn’t fully realize the power of my network,
and how easily I can use it to get
in front of a larger audience.”

— Steve Paternoster,
Scalo Northern Italian Grill

boomtime Reach emails get high open and response rates because they come from local businesses that their customers know and trust. Customers appreciate having emails with more depth — information and offers from other local businesses and non-profits.

“It’s great to finally have a cost effective way to
consistently stay in front of
potential customers.”

— Dr. David Bernitsky,
Bernistky Vision

It’s a Great Deal

We charge based on the number of customer emails sent. We instantly increase the size of your email list by 5x, e.g. if you have 500 emails, you now reach 2,500 customers. Plus, we throw in a bonus 2,000 emails for a total reach of 4,500. You reach thousands of new customers, starting at just $49.95 per month and slowly growing as your email list grows.

How many emails do you have?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone see my email addresses? No.
Who is in my network? We’ll provide recommendations and help you build your network — you decide who is in your network.
How often do emails go out? Once per month, at the beginning of the month.
Is there a contract? No, you can cancel at any time.

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