Community Driven Marketing

We have a way for you to level the playing field, find new customers and get more from the ones you have. Watch the video to find out how.

“Email generates 40 times more customers
than Twitter and Facebook combined.”

– Media Bistro

We’re Experts at Email Networks

We build email networks for businesses like yours that let you share customers with your partners. We build promotions and then use data to target the right customers across the network for each of your offers. You keep complete control of your customers and your network.

“74% of consumers identify word of mouth as
a key influencer in their purchasing decision.”

- Ogilvy and Google

Building a Network Is Easy

We work with you to create a custom email network made up of businesses with customers you want to reach. We analyze your business and match you with other businesses with similar customers and geographies.

“75% of all online adults say email is their
preferred marketing method.”

- GoDaddy

It’s a Great Deal

We charge based on the number of customer emails sent. We instantly increase the size of your email list by 5x, e.g. if you have 800 emails, you now reach 4,000 customers. Plus, we throw in a bonus 2,000 emails for a total reach of 6,000. You reach thousands of new customers, starting at $49 per month and slowly growing as your email list grows.


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