bringing the boom

boomtime makes your business boom with marketing that leverages the power of our network of local, independent businesses just like you.

You are no longer alone, battling huge corporate giants, but now stand tall with the combined presence of local businesses across your community. You now have the marketing sophistication of the likes of Amazon and Target, harnessed to win, keep and grow your customers.

You are no longer alone.

step one

grow your audience


The first step is to build your audience of customers, literally. Marketing research firms put the value of every email or cell phone collected at $8-$10 for local businesses. The reason is simple: every contact lets you establish a dialog with your customers that will get them to come back more often, buy more from you, and keep you top of mind to create word of mouth referrals.

But, there is no easy way to get customer contact information in the first place. Until now…COLLECT captures emails and cell phones everywhere your customers are: online, mobile, on the road and in your business.

With boomtime, you own your audience.

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step two

cut through the noise

engage and reach

Next, ENGAGE your audience and leverage it to REACH more customers. Great customer engagement is based on regular dialog. Stay in front of your customers and prospects with compelling messages that draw them in and make it worth while for them to pay attention to you. Reward your customers for being loyal.

REACH uses the same data-mining techniques as your huge corporate competitors, but now to your benefit, putting you in front of the right prospective customers. With REACH, you cross-promote with local, non-competitive businesses with no effort.

boomtime is your marketing department to ENGAGE and REACH your customers.

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step three

win with brand