Advertek’s LinkedIn campaigns generated 63 quality leads with a lead value of $910,000

The challenge

Advertek is a leading one-stop-shop, commercial printer, and full-service communications provider. They pride themselves on being leaders in print innovation and production management.

They came to boomtime for help growing their B2B connections and leads on LinkedIn. They wanted to target specific product segments within the B2B printing industry and grow their connection base of leads on LinkedIn.

How we provided value

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Overall connection rate

63 high quality leads with a lead value of $910,000

Our combination of solutions that did the job

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We started by doing a LinkedIn profile audit of the CEO’s profile. We made suggestions for profile improvements, including updated branding.

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After creating search queries based on Advertek’s target persona, we launched a LinkedIn Connection campaign within two weeks of Advertek signing their contract with boomtime. We focused on targeting and capturing the right leads by using Connection campaigns to reach out to a targeted audience of ideal prospects, connect with them, and continue the conversation.

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Setting them up on the Sales Navigator platform gave Advertek the power to find and track campaign statistics and filter their conversations on LinkedIn to target quality leads better.

The outcome

LinkedIn Connection campaigns targeted specific product segments within the B2B printing industry. The initial “Phase 1” campaign built the overall connection base among industry connections, with the goal to promote targeted prospecting and strategic connection growth.

After the success of Phase 1, Advertek asked for help creating a sales outreach campaign for their internal marketing director to oversee. Our proprietary Sales Connector platform provided trackable metrics to measure MQLs and determine marketing activity efficacy relative to the marketing budget. Automated messages, canned responses, and a labeling system enabled them to qualify relevant conversations quickly. Most importantly, their CRM integration seamlessly transferred MQL information for timely sales team follow-up.

Advertek’s marketing director could vet all qualified leads and use the conversation history to provide additional context for sales follow-up.

Throughout the three phases of connection campaigns from January to May 2021, Advertek had a 37% connection rate. 62% of those connections replied, leading to 63 leads with a lead value of $910,000.

Campaigns Requests Connections Connection Rate Replies Reply Rate Leads Leads Value
Phase 1 - Print Production/Photo 1,041 396 38% 257 65% 22 $325,000
Phase 2 - Print Production & Media 1,446 441 31% 220 50% 24 $403,000
Phase 3 - Lead List 435 185 43% 141 71% 17 $182,000
Total 2,922 1,025 37% 683 62% 63 $910,000

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