CBC Fine Jewelers



CBC Fine Jewelers wanted their place in the digital age. They wanted a website that would make potential customers feel like CBC was the place for them to get their jewelry made.


The fine jewelry market has several companies that have seemingly limitless marketing budgets, and the competition includes companies that have become household names by constantly advertising. So how could they get their name out there and win customers over when their competitors are more well-known? Rather than outspending their competitors, which wasn’t feasible, CBC decided to take a smarter approach. They would focus their attention on forging a deeper connection with their visitors and staying top of mind with customers by consistently following up.

Goals & Insight

  1. Website: Create a classy website that’s organized so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for, clearly communicates the qualities that make their excellent work unique and has visually stunning images of their gorgeous pieces.
  2. Create Ongoing Email Campaigns: Create highly visual email promos with hyperlinks back to the website for more information or encourage them to head into the physical location.
  3. Standardize Communication Streams: Create list segmentation within the existing database and create a standardized, automated process behind sending communications.

Strategic Recommendations

Design the website and keep the organizational hierarchy top of mind. Updated iconography, color palettes, and fonts to give the site a modern look and feel. Create stylized stunning visual content to be sent on a regular schedule with automation.


  1. Website Hierarchy and Visual Display
    Create a navigation bar with an organizational hierarchy for visitors. Display of core offering and value propositions for jewelers. Implemented a column template for scrolling with substantial visual assets and links to interior pages to make finding information fun and easy for visitors.
  2. Standardize and Automate Communication Streams
    Email communication streams are sent out monthly and feature the latest events, promotions, and exhibits and call to actions that direct readers back to the website for more information. Stylized, visually captivating, and all emails include UTM codes for tracking.


Their website clearly communicates that this is a family run business that can offer personalized services that larger stores may not, like creating your own custom jewelry, updating heirloom pieces, or using your own gold in a new piece. The website uses engaging imagery and videos to highlight these special services

Their reviews section highlights the benefits of choosing a smaller company when shopping for jewelry. Their customers raved about the warm welcome they receive, the over the top personal service, and attention to detail.

Website traffic is gradually increasing. Last year 4,325 people visited their website. They have 1,827 subscribers to their email list.

Everyone who joins their email list receives nine Engage emails that allow the new visitors to get to know the company better. Those emails have an average open rate of 16.1%. They also received six informative Build emails, which had an open rate of 10.9% and a click through rate of 7.5%.