Crystal Coast Construction



Crystal Coast Construction wanted a website that would increase its digital presence so they could sell more homes.


Crystal Coast Construction operates in a highly affluent and tight-knit community. So all marketing material needs to be very targeted and relevant to the potential buyers, who are East Coast couples typically entering retirement. Many marketing companies approach projects with a broad target. We had to approach this project with precision and depth.

Goals & Insight

  1. Website: create a project-oriented, data-driven website incorporating unique messaging for the Emerald Coast.
  2. Targeted Communication Streams: Enhance referrals from clients by capturing more prospects and creating evidence-based communication.

Strategic Recommendations

Create a website that reflects the nature of the entire custom home building process. The site will be unique in design, to indicate the reason you’re coming to crystal coast construction. Total, magnificent home design.


  1. Visual Display
    Prioritize photos of completed projects. These are magnificent homes, no two alike, that you can use to inform the design of your home.
  2. Decision Landscape Planning
    Creating a custom home is a big & expensive decision. It requires much pondering and planning. We provide many examples of work, work in progress as well as smaller projects. Along with explanations, on the website and in an email stream. All meant to help you become comfortable with your life-altering decision.


The website,, features beautiful professional photos of gorgeous dream homes by the coast. The gallery shows completed projects as well as photos of the new homes under construction so you can see the process.

Their “Inside Out” section speaks directly to their ideal client (a couple who is approaching retirement) by talking about concerns they might have, including:

  1. Aging in place: Many Baby Boomers are concerned about maintaining their independence as they age. The idea is to build a home whose design is flexible and can easily adapt to accommodate life changes, creating an environment where all ages and ability levels can live comfortably, easily, and safely.
  2. Building a custom kitchen: Incorporating the elements of layout, lighting and functionality to ensure that the most used room in your home is as comfortable and efficient as possible.
  3. Winterizing your home: Tips and advice about winterizing your home.

The “About Us” section answers the questions that a new customer would have when hiring a builder in a well-organized way.