Episode 32 – Using Reframing to Create New Sales Opportunities

The Re-Framing article is meant to be the conversation starter for the follow up portion of a connector campaign. These articles are written to re-frame a problem or solution so that the target audience receiving this article can see that the client both knows what they are talking about as well as gets the reader to think about the problem or solution differently. In some cases it is effective to do something controversial to the industry or something that asks the target audience a question. Again, the goal is to spark conversation and provide some value to the reader. It is always good to have the article lead back to the website or some sort of capture.

  • A common problem faced – Go into detail about a very common problem prospective customers face. The reader of this article should have moments of, “I see that all the time” throughout the article. Depending on the article it might warrant a short sales pitch or solution for the closing of the article.
  • The Differentiator – If there is something in your product, service or solution that is a disruptor and has significant differentiation then an article dedicated to how the idea came to be and the success achieved with the new solution can be effective.
  • Industry Trends – If there are changes or popular trends in the industry that are affecting prospects this is a great article to spark conversation.
  • Controversy – This article is meant to attack norms or common ways to do something. Articles like these are centered around “You have been doing it wrong”, “This is why this doesn’t work”, and “Don’t do this anymore”.

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