Growing Startups for Scalable Success

Bill Bice is interviewed by Brett Trainor on Hardwired For Growth.

Being the founder or the investor in over 27 companies left Bill Bice feeling frustrated with the process of getting great marketing for those companies. It felt like he was always running into the same old problems and starting from scratch while building the marketing engine for each company.

He wanted to tackle the problem, and create a marketing company that had a process, was scalable and efficient. (Which was absolutely unheard of!)

His first iteration of a marketing company was SpaBoom, which allowed spas to sell gift certificates and schedule appointments through their websites. He quickly noticed that if he sent an email to people who bought a gift certificate in the past, they would buy another one.

From there he built a marketing platform for B2B companies where they focus on what works (word of mouth). Listen to the episode to find out how to spread word of mouth using digital marketing.

Listen to the podcast here:

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