How Hotel Andaluz Grew 80% with Word of Mouth Marketing.

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Hotel Andaluz has a long history in the City of Albuquerque. Known as one of the most historic buildings in the City, Hotel Andaluz was, at its opening, the tallest building in the city and the first building in Albuquerque to have an elevator and air conditioning. Hotel Andaluz never stopped innovating. Today, the hotel team is known for the unique experiences they create. As Marketing and Sales Director Chris Jacoby put it “We like to provide a cinematic backdrop so our customers can live out their own unique stories at our hotel”. Behind the scenes, the property is an industry leader in green technology. Solar panels heat 60% of the hotels water and smart technology controls heating, cooling, and lighting to reduce energy waste and increase the comfort of guests. It’s this mix of history, innovation, and technology that has built Word of Mouth consistently for Hotel Andaluz over the years

At boomtime, we knew from gathering data from hundreds of clients just like Hotel Andaluz that there was a much bigger client base just under the surface of those that Hotel Andaluz had already reached. You see, business growth is based on Word of Mouth and Hotel Andaluz was already creating the type of signature experiences that get people talking. Most consumers who receive an offline Word of Mouth recommendation research your business online. We wanted to give Hotel Andaluz a way to reach out and create dialogues with more of those consumers as a way to leverage their Word of Mouth and boost bookings.

Hotel Andaluz website
  • We re-built the website to catch more Word of Mouth referrals.
  • Then we created strategic communications to build relationships with those referrals online, educating them about the history and experiences Hotel Andaluz has to offer.
  • We used our Word of Mouth Marketing program to turn the website into a proactive member of the sales team, working around the clock to educate customers and book rooms.

The results speak for themselves.

Hotel Andaluz Campaign Stats

In the end, boomtime has helped Hotel Andaluz achieve 80% year over year growth with Word of Mouth marketing strategies.

All the best,

Bill Bice

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