Mailbox Mining


Instantly Grow Your Email List 60%

Buried in your company email system are thousands of enormously valuable contacts, including prospects, clients and vendors. Mailbox Mining finds those contacts, and adds them to your database. Then, Mailbox Mining stays current, capturing new contacts as they are made.

Why we created Mailbox Mining

You are generating a lot more leads than what you actually see. But what happens to those leads? More often than not, they don’t get captured or put into a database. Imagine what would happen if you could effortlessly capture new leads from email conversations and business cards into your CRM and marketing campaigns, and then follow up with them regularly. That’s what we’ve created with Mailbox Mining.

Today, there are lots of holes in capturing emails:

number 1

Contacts vs. CRMs

Salespeople are constantly connecting with prospects, but only those deep in the sales process typically end up in the CRM.

number 2

Missing Stakeholders

Often, only one client contact is in your billing system (maybe just the accounts payable clerk!) but you need to communicate with all the key contacts for that account or client.

number 3

Vendors Don't Get Captured

Rarely do vendors get captured in an email list, and yet they are often one of your best referral sources. After all, they’ve got a common interest in your success.

CRM was supposed to be the solution

Trying to get everyone in your company to use a central database feels like a modern-day Sisyphus rolling a CRM up the hill only to have it come crashing back down every time.


The one technology that everyone in your company uses: email.



Mailbox Mining works with Gmail, Office365, Exchange servers and most other email systems that support IMAP.

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Mailbox Mining integrates with just about every cloud-based CRM, marketing automation and email marketing system via Zapier. Your new contacts are automatically added to the tools you’re already using. CSV exports let you send your contacts and email addresses anywhere else you need them.


iOS and Android apps

Coming in May, we have the perfect networking and tradeshow tool: with the new boomtime iOS and Android apps, capture business cards on the fly, select follow-up nurturing campaigns with one click, and manage all your Mailbox Mining contacts.


Great Databases Need Great Marketing

Now that you have a great email marketing database, what do you do with it? Leveraging our proprietary marketing automation platform fuse, we’re constantly learning from the thousands of concurrent marketing campaigns that we’re managing for our clients. We know what works, because we have the data. We’re experts at amplifying the effect of Word of Mouth

Our marketing automation platform fuse takes your Mailbox Mining to the next level.



Imagine if all of the new connections that everyone in your company makes were then automatically followed up, telling each of them the why, how and what of your business? That’s exactly what we do with boomtime ENGAGE: nurturing campaigns designed to communicate your unique value proposition to every prospect.


boomtime campaigns keep you top-of-mind with information relevant to your audience, sharing your perspective with clients, prospects, vendors, etc. BUILD content is also great for social media and driving your SEO strategy.