Reytek increased their website traffic by 39% and grew their audience by 78%

The challenge

Reytek offers customized cleanroom furniture and equipment. They are a complete design and build company, purchasing raw materials, designing products, and transforming those products into complete cleanroom tools and solutions. They have the capability to do everything in-house, from sheet metal and fabrication to finishing, packaging, and shipping. 

Reytek’s selling point is their ability to listen to their clients and create custom solutions that solve their problems. But their current website was difficult for visitors to navigate and it did not feature their approach to designing custom solutions that solve their clients’ unique needs. 

Reytek also needed to grow their audience & increase visibility amongst their target demographics. But they were having problems identifying and reaching out to that target demographic and driving those contacts back to the website.   

They came to boomtime for a new website that highlighted their custom solution capabilities throughout the site and positioned Reytek as the place to come for custom cleanroom solutions.

How we provided value

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Grew Reytek’s audience via RECOVER and Connection campaigns
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increase in website visits

Our combination of solutions that did the job

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We designed a new website that highlights their ability to understand the problems faced by their clients and created custom solutions that solve those problems. The new site also makes it easy for visitors to search for products and quickly request a quote.

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We worked on targeting and capturing the right leads by using Connection campaigns to reach out to a targeted audience of ideal prospects, connect with them, and add them to Reytek’s email list. RECOVER enabled us to capture contacts in their email inboxes and add them to the mailing list as well.

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We designed and launched email campaigns featuring content appealing to their technical audience that continued to drive traffic to the website. These campaigns focused on highlighting the unique problems Reytek has solved and their ability and willingness to customize products to address their clients' problems.

The outcome

Website focused on custom solutions

Reytek’s new website focuses on their deep experience in designing and building custom solutions for their clients’ clean rooms. The new site makes it easy for visitors to navigate their products and easily submit a request for a quote for custom designs. In the last year, Reytek’s website had 29,665 website visitors, an increase of 39.8% from the year before. They’ve had 136,792 pageviews, up 53.1% over last year.

Growing the Reytek audience

We grew Reytek’s audience by 78.1% over the last year, through a combination of Connection campaigns that drove traffic to the website and RECOVER that added in leads from Reytek’s email inboxes.  We designed and ran a LinkedIn Connection Campaign to grow Reytek’s list by connecting with people in the industry through Cary LeBlanc and Phil Fullam’s profiles. We started the conversation using a reframing article, “All good managers do this to keep workers safe and productive in a cleanroom environment” that stimulated conversation while demonstrating a deep understanding of cleanroom environments. We consistently engaged with Reytek’s LinkedIn audiences by posting articles on their behalf.  We also grew their email list using RECOVER. 1,737 emails were captured and 465 people joined the email list.

We designed and launched targeted email campaigns created to educate prospects about Reytek and keep them informed on the types of custom work Reytek can do. These campaigns helped further grow engagement and kept Reytek top of mind amongst their target demographics. 

Reytek’s ENGAGE email campaign had an average open rate of 20.8% and a click rate of 2.1%. Build emails had an average open rate of 14.1% and a click rate of 9.7%.

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