The #1 Marketing Mistake That I See Over and Over Again

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I’ve seen this same marketing mistake so many times – I just have to talk about it. It’s really quite simple:

Stop talking about yourself

That may seem counter-intuitive. Isn’t the whole point of marketing to tell people about your business? Yes, of course, it is. However, it only matters to your prospects in the context of their lives or their business. 

So, how do you do that? You are in an amazing place to provide valuable perspective to your audience of clients and prospective clients because you serve hundreds or thousands of clients just like them. From that experience, you can garner insights that can help them see their world in a new light. Here’s how a few of our clients use this strategy to their benefit:

An assisted living center that talks about the challenges of isolation as we age
An HVAC company that shares how you can cut down on your heating and cooling bills
The apartment complex that highlights all the fun things you can do in the neighborhood
Law firm that helps you understand how to protect your intellectual property
A charter school that discusses how different learning environments are appropriate for different kids
The marketing company that provides insights that help you make your marketing better

Whatever your business, talking about what your clients care about creates stronger engagement, which translates into top-of-mind awareness and more word of mouth. That gets you more clients!

Now, for the sales pitch

It’s at the end of the email, right here, where you tie it all together and give a plug for what you do. Our perspective across the marketing for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses is our secret weapon: we have more data! We don’t share it with anyone, but we learn from it and see the trends much more quickly. The end result is killer, data-driven marketing leveraging our fuse automation platform, which takes out over two-thirds of the cost compared to the traditional options. Learn more at

All the best,

Bill Bice

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