The Most Undervalued Asset in Every Business

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I don’t know how many times I’ve visited a prospective client and been asked what we can do to help them build leads and then successfully market to those leads. Advertising and lead generation are expensive – and just because you’ve built a list of leads doesn’t mean you’ve built the right list or can effectively use it to build word of mouth.

Build an Audience

Instead of focusing on building leads, focus on building your audience – that email list of contacts you can talk to any time. That audience that you already own – your current clients, past clients, prospective clients, LinkedIn network, partners, and vendors.

The audience that you can talk to over and over again without paying anyone is the most undervalued asset in your business.

But what about your CRM?

Let’s be honest. You may have a CRM system in place – but it’s just not working. Trying to get everyone in your company to use a central database feels like a modern-day Sisyphus rolling a CRM up the hill only to have it crashing back down every time. People just aren’t using it.

Tap into your email

Meanwhile, everyone in your company is using email – all day, every day. They’re emailing prospects, clients, and vendors – all the people you want to keep top of mind and sending you referrals. You’re generating a lot more leads than you think – they just aren’t making it into your system and onto your email list. But they are making it into your email accounts. We’re in this business and have exactly the same problem. It’s the reason we created RECOVER. It allows you to tap into all of your audience.

Once you have all of your audience on your marketing list, start speaking to them via a regular flow of insight-driven top-of-mind content via email, LinkedIn, and your website. It’s the easiest way to drive more business to your site and your sales team. The key is don’t sell yourselves or your product. Sell your expertise. Talk about what your clients care about. It creates stronger engagement and more word of mouth. And it helps you continue to grow your audience.

All the best,

Ken Bassham

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