Utilizing Effective Marketing to Become More Competitive with Larger Companies

Bill Bice is interviewed by I AM CEO host, Gresham Harkless Jr.

Bill spills his secrets on how to compete with the Goliaths in your industry. He also shares…

  • The #1 reason businesses don’t see a return on their marketing dollars.
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about giving away your best secrets.
  • When he asks clients, “Where do your customers come from,” 99% say the same thing… and understanding what that means is the key to rapid growth.
  • Harvesting low hanging fruit – For a lot of companies the secret to generating sales is right in front of you and not being used.

“No matter what your product is, or how good it is, the payoff you get and the success you enjoy comes from the quality of your marketing.” – Bill Bice

Listen to the podcast here: https://iamceo.co/2020/01/01/iam506-entrepreneur-enables-smaller-businesses-compete-through-marketing

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