Word of Mouth Has Never Been More Important

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The passing of time feels different right now – either more slowly or quicker than before – which can make it hard to focus on family, on friends, on yourself, and definitely on your business. In this time of crisis with everything changing so rapidly, often we’re just scrambling to deal with the latest news or the newest impact on our lives, the lives of our employees, and on our businesses.

But one of the advantages of all of this is that we’re traveling less. We’re at home and we probably have a bit more time on our hands than we are used to having. While taking time out to meditate and practice mindfulness has been immensely helpful for me, I’ve also been using this time to review my focus.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of building your business by using word of mouth. boomtime is based on this concept and I think it’s the most effective way to build your business. It’s the one form of marketing that really works.

The best way to build word of mouth is to provide a great service or product and excellent customer service. But what that looks like can change depending on current circumstances, and what you need to be doing right now is making sure that the services you’re providing and the ways you are interacting with and helping your clients fall in line with their needs now.

Meet Your Clients Where They Are At

Your clients have been through the same upheaval that you have and they’re also facing all sorts of new challenges. Take some time to figure out where your clients are at right now. And then make changes in order to meet them where they are. That could mean that you switch from in-person meetings to virtual ones. It could mean that your messaging changes in ways that help you still be there for your clients but in new ways. Meet your clients where they are at right now and then listen to what they want or need.

Continue to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

Continue to do what it takes to meet your clients’ needs. That could mean that you and your employees continue to provide the same great services or products in the same great ways. It could also mean that you need to change how you take care of your clients during this time to make it more effective for them and for you. Take some time to listen to what your clients need right now. Then figure out how your offerings can help them during this time, or if they need to be reframed or revised to better meet their needs. Take things online or right to their doorstep. Go virtual or remote where you have to. But make sure you’re still doing everything you can to help your clients, even if that means being innovative in your approach.

Maintain Communication

Now is not the time to go dark. The best thing you can do in any crisis is to continue to communicate. Keep communicating with your clients – even when you don’t have all the answers – and be honest. And make sure that your messaging is in line with where we are today. Messages and promotions that made a lot of sense even three weeks ago can sound tone-deaf today. Make sure you’re reevaluating all of your communications.

Continue to Provide Good Service

Now is not the time to fall down in the services and customer service you provide. Do what it takes to continue taking good care of your clients. That can look like a lot of different things, from checking in with them regularly, to not letting current projects fall down or become ignored, and even making sure that your communications with them take into account everything that is going on.

By meeting your clients where they are today and spending the time to figure out how best to support them throughout this time and going forward, you’re continuing to build valuable word of mouth. This will help carry your business through this time of crisis, by keeping your current clients happy. But it will also help set you up for continuing success on the other side of it.

One day, this crisis will be behind us and people will remember what happened. They’ll remember the businesses that put them first and provided the services they needed in the ways they needed them. And they will also remember the businesses who didn’t. Which one do you think they’re going to recommend?

All the best,

Bill Bice

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