8-Week Deep Dive Into Your Marketing Funnel | Week 6: Retention

Welcome to Week 6 of our 8-week Marketing Funnel Deep Dive podcast series. In these podcasts, we will discuss the fundamentals of digital marketing and deep dive into eight key sections of your company’s marketing funnel, covering one per week with a series of questions and topics answered and discussed by boomtime marketing experts.

This week, we analyze how things like customer satisfaction surveys, great UI/UX, and analyzing data are critical in the Retention process. Questions like, “how do I know if my customers are satisfied?” and, “what are effective ways to build customer loyalty?” are covered, as well as many other aspects related to the sixth stage of your digital marketing funnel.

Please take a listen, and prepare for Week 7, where we will dive deeper into the Advocacy portion of your funnel. We will be covering topics centered around reviews, referral programs, and affiliate programs.

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