Building Trust with a Transparency Statement

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Now you know how to construct an “Introduction” letter. What’s next? As discussed in the last post, your potential customers know your business on a human level through your “Introduction” letter, now it’s time for them to get to know your business on a professional level. You need to follow-up your “Introduction” with a “Transparency Statement”

The Transparency Statement is usually sent one day after The Introduction in your automation. In the Transparency Statement email you want to lay out the facts of your business, your processes, and your prices (if the latter makes sense for your business). The email should lay out the reality of your business and give your potential client the tools they need to evaluate you. Just like your Introduction is used to build trust, your Transparency Statement is your opportunity to be up-front with your potential clients and build credibility.

An example boomtime Transparency statement might read as follows:

It starts with an in-depth Business Analysis, a proprietary consulting process that uncovers the drivers in your business. We use your time judiciously while your new boomtime marketing team puts in all the hard work to plan out your new Word of Mouth marketing program.

Then, every month your boomtime marketing team analyzes the data, updates your marketing plan and focuses on amplifying your results. Imagine having a whole marketing team, always at your beck and call!

Your existing referrals feed the marketing program, which is focused on getting even more people talking about you, which generates more referrals!mail graphic

We knew it wouldn’t do any good to build another marketing program that was priced out of reach to small business. With four years of development by one of the best digital marketing teams in the industry, we’ve built the automation that allows us to deliver amazing services at an affordable cost.

Finally, the Transparency statement should have a “Let’s Talk” call to action. Though the Transparency Statement isn’t in itself a sales proposal, your “Let’s Talk”
call to action will open the door for anyone who is ready to contact you. Also, by proposing a conversation you’re creating another level of intimacy with your potential clients by presuming the
right to ask.

Are you ready to take your Word of Mouth Marketing to new heights? Let’s Talk. I’ve got an offer you’re guaranteed to love, but only if you email me right now.

Your “Let’s Talk” call to action is just that, an invitation to open a conversation about your business. The letter is structured in a way that allows your potential customers to internalize your offering and capabilities and make a series of emotional and mental micro-commitments in the process. Your opportunity to close will come later in the Call to Action letter which I will explain in the next post.

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