Kim started out his adult life as pre-dental student at the University of New Mexico and soon figured out during a particularly challenging quantitative analysis course that a dental career wasn’t for him. As he put it laughingly, “I figured out, maybe I’m not cut out for this. My measurements never really worked in out the lab”.

With dental school in the rear-view, he set out to pursue his passion as a professional photographer. At the time, a lot of people he knew thought he was crazy to leave dental school in pursuit of a less than certain photography career.

Not long after, Kim was accepted to the Photography Institute of America where he was trained in the latest commercial photography techniques including fashion and product photography. His skills were honed both at the school and during field trips where he was exposed to advanced techniques at large studios in New York City.

After returning home to Albuquerque, Kim sought out some of the limited professional photography opportunities in the city and began to build good Word of Mouth for himself. It was his black and white portrait work for a local magazine displayed in a street facing window that caught the attention of passersby and got Kim the boost that really built traction for his business.

It was his unique approach in applying his commercial photography skills and applying them to portrait photography that made Kim stand out and get the consistent Word of Mouth that has sustained his business over the past 40 years. In that time, he has taken many iconic photographs of celebrities and politicians, including every current living president, and has taken the exact same care in crafting the images of every client that has come through the doors of his studio.

“I believe a lot of people’s self-image and self-esteem comes from the last portrait they had taken of themselves…Everybody has a story to tell and it’s the photographers job to bring that out in everybody”

– Kim Jew

Kim’s approach to photography is the same approach every business should take in creating Word of Mouth. Great experiences and great stories just beg to be retold by customers and once heard by a trusted friend or colleague are more effective than any traditional advertising campaign.

What is boomtime doing for Kim Jew Studios?

  • We began with an agency level website making Kim’s photos the center of his homepage
  • Then we optimized his site for local search and crafted a compelling offer to capture more referrals
  • New referrals become new clients and experience the unique methods that made Kim Jew Studios known world-wide
  • Then we help Kim Jew Studios maintain ongoing communication with new referrals and current clients
That’s how boomtime attracts new referrals and brings back existing clients more often. Ready to see what Word of Mouth Marketing by boomtime can do for you? Take a look at what our current customers have to say about their Word of Mouth Marketing programs at

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