It began with a bump on the head…

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In 1992, Alisha’s son had received a nasty bump on the head while playing in the yard. After she was unable to console her crying son, a neighbor who had overheard the commotion and had come
0238d381-1ba4-40f9-94ed-63bc094d19dc over to help, volunteered a little brown bottle.

When the neighbor placed the bottle under Alisha’s son’s nose he immediately stopped crying. At that moment, amazed at what she had just witnessed, Alisha had to know what was in this little
brown bottle, the aroma of which was so effective at easing her son’s pain. What could have such a powerful effect?

As it turns out, the little brown bottle contained a humble lavender oil.

From that day on, she set out to learn everything she could about essential oils and aromatherapy. After graduating from the Wellspring School for Healing Arts, and years of continued practice in the field, Alisha has built a thriving practice in Nampa Idaho, the Hands on Health Wellness Center.

Alisha’s business is built on a mission that began years ago when she saw the power of aromatherapy in person. In addition to providing great customer service, Alisha has a great story to tell and those two elements are the basis for the type of Word of Mouth that builds businesses. How?

At boomtime, we took the time to learn what drives both Alisha and her practice and used that knowledge to amplify her Word of Mouth.

It all begins with a story…

Hands on Health responsive website.
Hands on Health responsive website.
  • In telling Alisha’s story, we began with local SEO to make Alisha’s practice more visible locally.
  • Then, we rebuilt her website, incorporating a look and feel chosen by Alisha to highlight the personality of her business that her clients have come to know and love.
  • The story continues when new referrals and existing customers are presented with a compelling promotion, enticing them to receive a discount after providing an email address.
  • Then, an engaging email series introduces email readers to Alisha and the decades long mission that drives her to help her clients.
  • Top-of-mind awareness strategies make sure Hands on Health stays more visible than their competition and brings back existing customers more frequently.

That’s the basis for big growth through Word of Mouth and it all begins with a story. Or in Alisha’s case, a bump on the head…


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