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Is getting the word out important? Ask Nathan Patterson, who has just gone from baseball fan to Major League Baseball player, thanks to social media.

The 23 year old stepped into a pitching booth and threw a 96 mph fastball.

The Kansas City Star quotes Patterson:

“That was the first time that I had thrown a ball over 90 mph. I think I threw five and the last one I threw 96 mph. … I didn’t believe it. I thought they jacked up the numbers to make you pay another dollar to throw another ball.”

A high school coach pulled him aside and convinced him it was real: he’s faster than most starting pitchers in the MLB. Patterson tweeted his video, tagging the Pitching Ninja, which has 155,000 followers on Twitter.

Patterson is the real deal, but it was getting his message out that got him a signed contract with the Oakland Athletics.

If your business is the real deal, but you’re not seeing the growth that makes sense, then it’s time to get the word out. You may not be looking for a MLB contract, but you are looking for a steady stream of new contracts with new clients, and more contracts with existing clients.

Over the last six years, we’ve built the B2B Marketing Playbook: exactly what you need to do to grow. It’s not a mystery, because we follow the data. We lay it all out in the B2B Word of Mouth Marketing Podcast, or read the Three Goals of B2B Marketing to get started.

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