Obstacles Startups Face During the Seed Stage

Ben Gothard interviewed Bill Bice on The Project Egg Podcast.

In this interview, Bill Bice not only tackles every obstacle that startups face during the seed stage, but he also provides deeply valuable insights on how to set up your marketing machine in the right way so that your business will not waste money on advertising (before you’re ready) and you won’t leave money on the table.

You’ll find out:

  • The best (and worst) time to hire a sales team
  • Why you should never take outside funding until you’ve completed certain steps
  • How to choose between the thousands of options when you’re starting your marketing (luckily, it doesn’t need to be complicated)
  • How to bring all the pieces together

After founding, investing in, and being the board member for 27 companies, Bill knows that there is a pattern that works during the go-to-marketing phase of business growth and it can be applied to any business.

Listen to the podcast here: https://projectegg.co/bill-bice

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