How to Know if Your Website is Working

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You spend a small fortune to build a beautiful website. But after a while, you start to wonder… Is my website working? In other words, does your website make your phone ring? How in the world can you tell? I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it’s amazingly easy to know when someone calls because of your website. It’s a common technique that large companies use all the time, and there is no reason you can’t be doing it, too. It’s called phone number tracking.

Phone Number Tracking

With phone number tracking, you have a phone number dedicated to your website. It’s just another number that rings directly to your current phone number. Monthly analytic reports tell you how many people called and for how long, which lets you see how many valuable phone calls you got. You can then take it a step further and see how your email campaigns are performing. You’re probably familiar with open rates and click rates on your emails, but what you really want is for the phone to ring. A call tracking number assigned to your emails lets you see how well those campaigns are working. When you click on a link in the email, the tracking number on your website magically changes to the email tracking number. Now you can tell whether someone called because of an email campaign or from going directly to your website.

SEO Implications

You can’t just start slapping tracking phone numbers on your website without taking local search engine optimization (SEO) into account. Google measures its confidence in the listing for your business based on having the right information, and your phone number is key. Make sure your Google My Business listing is updated with your tracking phone number. Otherwise, your performance in search results will suffer. You can even put a tracking number on your Google listing, and evaluate how much business you’re getting directly from your listing.

Knowing Your Marketing Works

There is something wonderful about knowing how your investment in your website and email marketing is working! We created boomtime to level the playing field for small business. If you need an agency-level website in as little as 60 days without the agency-level pricing, email or call (866) 889-2945. And, we’ll know you called.

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