CEO Announcement and the Goldilocks Principle

Growth in Balance V2

(Message from Bill Bice)

I love it when people follow their passion. I’m happy to announce that I’m doing exactly that, coming back as CEO of boomtime. Mark Canon, who has contributed tremendously to the success of our company, is taking a step into semi-retirement. Mark is following his passion, spending more time in his studio while also tackling interesting problems for our clients. Mark will continue to be a very active member of the boomtime team as Chairman of the Board.

As a company, our passion is helping small business grow. You know the problem well: you’ve got a good business, referrals bringing in new clients, but the real growth you’re capable of always seems to be just out of reach. Marketing efforts to truly leverage what you’ve created never quite seem to come together, limited by the traditional options:

  1. Hire internally: Attract, train, and manage enough resources on your marketing team, where the average tenure is just 18 months.
  2. Hire an agency: An agency can be amazing for strategy, but just too expensive for long term implementation.

We’ve been working hard on this problem for the last four years, applying the Goldilocks principle to finally create the “just right solution” – which until now hasn’t been available.

We work with you to develop the right marketing strategy for your business, and then we do the hard day-to-day work of actually implementing it over the long haul, leveraging our fuse automation platform. The end result is that not only do you get effective, data-driven marketing for your business, but compared to the traditional options, over two-thirds of the cost is taken out.

Our entire team is passionate about what we do for our clients and I’m excited to be working closely with them to develop growth strategies. I’m always available to you: please email me at or if you’d like to reach out to our team, contact us via our website contact form below.

It’s time to put the Goldilocks principle to work for your business! Learn more about boomtime Word of Mouth Marketing.

All the best,

Bill Bice

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