The #1 reason building a new website always seems to take forever

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Lots of websites get started, but not nearly as many get finished. Almost none get finished on time.

Why is it so hard to get a quality website built on time and on a budget? It’s not because of the graphics, and it’s not because it’s so difficult to actually build a website (there are, after all, 175M websites in the world).

The answer is really simple: because websites are almost always built backwards. It makes sense that a website project would start with design, right? Well, not really.

The whole purpose of the design is to communicate visually who you are. How can someone do that if they don’t really understand your business and your audience?

This is the reason websites take forever, and why the designs you are presented with so often miss the mark. Once you finally have a design that works, you still have to fill in all of that blank space with content – which is arguably the most difficult and time-consuming part of the project – and something that you don’t have time to do.

What if you had the option to start in the right place? What if your website team started with what you want to communicate, and to who? Once you understand the WHY, HOW and WHAT of a business, then you can create a design that visually communicates that to your audience.

Great content drives great design, and it is what sets you apart from your competition. Communicating WHY you do WHAT you do draws prospects in. A great website works for you 24/7, always selling (btw, a bad website also works for you 24/7, driving business away).

Great content gives you a strategic advantage. As I’ve talked about before, Old School SEO just doesn’t work anymore. A well-thought-out search engine optimization (SEO) strategy puts your content to work for you by pulling in prospects through an organic search on Google.

Think of your website as your most valuable sales associate, showcasing your business and pulling in prospects. At boomtime, we take the time to really understand you, your clients, and most importantly, where you make your money. We work with you to build the conversations with clients and prospects that create long-term relationships.

If you’d like to have an amazing website in as little as 60 days, compare The boomtime Way vs. The Old Way.

All the best,

Bill Bice

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