I love marketing automation. It’s the only way to get scale and efficiency in your marketing.

We work with businesses that don’t have the time and resources to figure all this out themselves. Having done it for hundreds of companies, I’m going to share what we’ve learned, laying out the core marketing approach that I recommend for every B2B company:

Build Your Audience

Your audience of clients and prospects is the most undervalued asset in your company. Let’s build that asset!

  1. Optimize capture of referrals on your website, with a goal of 2X-8X improvement, flowing automatically into your CRM and email marketing database.
  2. Mine the email boxes of your sales team and everyone client-facing in the company increasing the size of your email database by an average of 60%, flowing automatically into your CRM and email marketing database.
  3. Build the network of your executive team on LinkedIn, adding 20-40 new connections a day, every day.

Nurture Prospects

Now that we’re capturing more leads, it’s critical to follow-up on them, automatically. Companies that use marketing automation to capture and nurture leads increase qualified client prospects by 451%.

  1. Nurturing campaigns by major product/service line that tell your full story over time are the most effective way to increase qualified sales opportunities for your sales team.
  2. Enable salespeople to easily capture new leads using their smartphone, and assign the appropriate nurturing campaign. Must be dead simple to use!

Stay Top-of-mind

Now that we’re growing our audience and nurturing prospects, it’s time to stay top-of-mind. There are two 90/10 rules here:

  1. Don’t talk about yourself! At least 90% of your content should be about the challenges your clients face, and the unique insights that you bring to the table.
  2. 90% of your effort should be on creating great content. The only effective way to do that consistently over time is to have dedicated resources. It’s so much easier to comment on an article written for you than staring at a blank screen. We use a network of over 300 subject matter experts that give us deep expertise, and we’re constantly recruiting new experts.
  3. Edit for voice: engaging content is one thing, but has to represent your company. Developing personas for your target audience and a voice for your company is a great way to get that consistency.

That’s it. Three core strategies for every B2B company. Make a long term commitment to this approach, and it will pay off for years to come.

It’s exactly what we do for our clients for just $1,995/month. The only way we can do that is with fuse, our marketing-as-a-service platform that brings scale and efficiency to this whole process.

Learn more at www.boomtime.com. Do it yourself, use us – just get it done!

All the best,

Bill Bice

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