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Want great marketing?

Build a great email list.

It’s not that LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SEO, and pay per click, etc. aren’t important, but we follow the data, and the best way to increase sales is to build an email list.

The only problem? It’s really difficult. Trying to get everyone in your company to use a central database feels like a modern-day Sisyphus rolling a CRM up the hill only to have it come crashing back down every time.

This is what we do, and we’re not great at it. How do I know? Because we faced the same problem and it resulted in building a technology to solve this problem called RECOVER. Once implemented, we instantly added 1,498 new, verified, real email addresses to our list.

Obviously, we weren’t catching all of those amazingly valuable contacts.

You may not have everyone using a CRM, but they’re all using email. They’re emailing clients, emailing prospects, emailing vendors – all people who you want to keep you top-of-mind, and send you more business!RECOVER solves this conundrum by monitoring the email boxes of all of your client-facing personnel. First, RECOVER goes back in time 18 to 24 months and instantly makes your email list larger. Then, it monitors your email communication ongoing, automatically picking up on new contacts and adding them to your database.

It’s the closest to marketing magic you’re ever going to find!
Learn more about RECOVER.

All the best,

Bill Bice

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