Peacock Law gained 358 new prospects from using RECOVER on just one attorney’s inbox for two months

The challenge

As a leading firm in Intellectual Property law, Peacock Law offers a wide range of legal services for potential clients. They have deep experience in IP law and many of the subject areas where IP law applies. With such deep offerings, they came to boomtime for help creating a website that would cleanly and intuitively display their services, highlight individual attorneys and practice areas, and capture visitors coming to the site. They were looking for ways to expand their services and communicate more effectively with clients and prospects.

In 2021, Peacock Law expanded its partnership with boomtime for help implementing new strategies to grow and drive awareness and get them in front of new prospects. They wanted to increase their presence on LinkedIn, make the right connections, and nurture those leads.

How we provided value

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Peacock Law’s website sessions outperform compared to the standard benchmarks for its industry and class size (0-99)

358 new opt-ins from RECOVER in 2 months

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Open rate for prospects in the NURTURE campaign
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Open rate for prospects in the BUILD campaign

Websites visits increased 133.8% over last year

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Conversion rate on the new opt-in form

Our combination of solutions that did the job

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We organized the website to allow potential clients to access information on Peacock Law and its services using the following logical discovery models: practice area, industry, focus area, associate counsel, and patents. The website focuses on engaging potential clients in how they search for information.

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We created NURTURE and BUILD campaigns for prospects coming into the pipeline through our efforts. Initial content focused on the following key components: philosophy, IP services, practice areas, industries, the firm, and its lawyers. In Phase 2, we personalized BUILD content by assigning a lawyer to the writing (authored by) and cross-referencing it by linking to the IP Matters blog and linking back to the author’s bio. In 2021, we revamped the NURTURE campaign to bring it up to date and make it more modern and in line with today’s standards.

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We started LinkedIn Connection and Content Campaigns for Justin to grow his profile and network. We targeted two different audiences: a referral source of attorneys not practicing in IP; and professionals, vendors, and entrepreneurs in the aerospace and outer space industries.

We implemented RECOVER for Justin’s inbox as a proof of concept for the firm.

We updated our lead capture optimization tools to capture more leads on the website.

The outcome

Our new combination of activities has driven additional engagement and new lead development. Since deploying RECOVER two months ago, we have grown the list by 358 people simply by mining Justin’s inbox, providing strong proof of concept for a larger rollout across the firm.

With only two months of LinkedIn Connection and Content Campaigns, Justin’s social selling index on LinkedIn went from no activity to ranking in the top 5% for his industry and the top 16% for his network. While his network is still small, LinkedIn Connection and Content Campaigns are getting him in front of the right people, establishing and growing recognition of Justin and the Peacock Law brand, and building relationships. Of the connection requests we have sent to both groups, 50% have connected with Justin.

Website visits have increased 133.8% over last year, due in part to the traffic the LinkedIn campaigns are driving to the website.

Peacock had 98 new opt-ins in the most recent quarter through further lead capture optimization on their website.

The newly revamped NURTURE campaign has a 46.4% open rate and a 6.3% click-through rate. BUILD campaigns are still strong, with a 17.5 % open rate and a click-through rate of 5.0%.

With only two months of LinkedIn Connection and Content Campaigns, Justin’s social selling index on LinkedIn went from no activity to ranking in the top 5% for his industry and the top 16% for his network.

Campaigns Requests Connections Connection Rate Replies Reply Rate Leads Leads Value
Phase 1 865 518 60% 288 55% 27 $662,500
Phase 2 - Lead List I 915 409 45% 168 41% 238 $5,562,500
Phase 3 - Supply Chain 380 213 56% 116 54% 8 $150,000
Phase 4 - Lead List II 748 288 39% 111 38% 26 $82,000
Total 2,908 1,428 50% 683 47% 299 6,457,000

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