The Challenges of Go-To-Marketing When Growing a Business

Mike Saunders interviews Bill Bice on the Business Innovators Radio Network.

Bill Bice has been through the go-to-market process so many times (he is the founder, primary investor or board member for 27 companies) that he’s beginning to see some clear patterns. Doing certain things will lead to success every time, as long as you’re consistent.

In this interview he shares key insights on how to get the marketing right, straight out of the gate.

  • How to create a reproducible sales process and give your sales team the tools they need to be high achievers so you can scale faster.
  • People have a misconception about LinkedIn, and don’t use it in the most beneficial way. Bill tells you exactly what you should do to get the most value out of this platform.
  • Business owners think creating content is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.
  • Marketing is a long-term commitment. When building a steady stream of great content, and doing the day-in, day-out work that grows your organization, what parts of the job do the executive team have to do themselves and what parts should they outsource?

Listen to the episode here:

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