Worldox used RECOVER to capture 2,544 additional opt-ins that would have been lost

The challenge

Worldox has always focused on creating innovative solutions that help improve workflows. In business since 1988, they’re a leader in the document management space and using legal technology to help law firms streamline their workflows.

Worldox is unique in their industry in that they don’t have an internal sales team. Their networking and sales typically happened face to face or at tradeshows. When the pandemic shut down in-person events, Worldox leveraged its solutions to help its clients successfully pivot to work from anywhere. At the same time, Worldox needed to find a way to fill the funnel that in-person events used to fill.

Worldox came to boomtime in early 2020, looking for assistance filling that gap created by no events and no in-person meetups. They were looking for new strategies to drive awareness and get them in front of new prospects so they could continue the conversation. They wanted to grow their connections and leads on LinkedIn and nurture those leads.

How we provided value

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LinkedIn Overall connection rate

Over 2,500 new opt-ins from RECOVER

112 new prospects via the opt-in on the website

Email campaigns

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Open rate for prospects in the NURTURE series
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Click rate for prospects in the NURTURE series

Our combination of solutions that did the job

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We created search queries based on Worldox’s target persona and launched a LinkedIn Connection campaign. The campaign focused on reaching out to a targeted audience of ideal prospects to build out Ray’s base of connections.

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We implemented RECOVER to scan email inboxes and capture leads that fell through the cracks and put those leads back into the marketing and sales funnel. Captured leads were added to our NURTURE and BUILD campaigns.

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We installed a lead capture opt-in to capture prospects’ information once our LinkedIn initiatives drove them to the Worldox website.

We took over the foundational marketing for Worldox and created NURTURE and BUILD email campaigns for prospects coming into the pipeline through our efforts across LinkedIn, email inboxes, and the website. We also implemented monthly correspondence for Worldox’s existing client base.

We set up call tracking via CallRail to further track engagement on Worldox’s email campaigns. This provided the ability to track where incoming calls originated, whether it was a NURTURE or BUILD email or from their Google My Business page.

Advanced analytics provided the ability to track all of our campaigns and present the results of our efforts, enabling us to determine where changes should be made quickly.

The outcome

We utilized LinkedIn Connection campaigns to build out Ray’s connections and target specific personas. Over twelve months, Worldox had a 40% connection rate on LinkedIn, which nearly tripled Ray’s LinkedIn connections. The first two phases of the LinkedIn Connection campaign generated 302 messages.

Implementing RECOVER generated 2,544 new opt-ins that would have been lost. Those contacts were put back into the sales and marketing funnels for further nurturing and follow-up. Additional leads were captured with the opt-in on the website, generating 112 new connections.

Taking the lead on their foundational marketing enabled the team to directly and consistently communicate with their target audiences. Monthly correspondence now goes out to their existing client base while nurturing campaigns engage prospects coming into the pipeline from other efforts.

CallRail measured 18 incoming calls from the NURTURE and BUILD email campaigns. This enabled Worldox to see where calls were initiating and what sort of content resonated with their prospects. This led to further refinement of the content for their NURTURE and BUILD emails.

Over the course of twelve months, Worldox had a 40% overall connection rate. Of those 1,179 connections, 302 of those connections replied, an exceptional reply rate of 25.6%.

Campaigns Requests Connections Connection Rate Replies Reply Rate Leads Leads Value
Phase 1 865 518 60% 288 55% 27 $662,500
Phase 2 - Lead List I 915 409 45% 168 41% 238 $5,562,500
Phase 3 - Supply Chain 380 213 56% 116 54% 8 $150,000
Phase 4 - Lead List II 748 288 39% 111 38% 26 $82,000
Total 2,908 1,428 50% 683 47% 299 6,457,000

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