In less than a year, TRIG generated 299 leads worth $6,457,000 using LinkedIn Connection campaigns

The challenge

TransRail Innovation Group (TRIG) has a mission to engineer a safer and more efficient ecosystem for shipping commodities by rail. They focused on tackling one of the biggest challenges the transloading industry faced: the inability to see inside the tank cars to determine the residual product volume inside the tank car. They developed cutting-edge technology to create unique, tailored solutions for transloading automation.

TRIG came to boomtime for help growing their B2B connections and leads on LinkedIn. Their industry is highly specialized, and they felt they were not targeting or accessing the right contacts to match what they had already identified as marketing qualified leads within their sales funnel. Their goal was to build their overall connection base and then leverage that base to target specific market subsets within the rail industry. From there, they decided to engage in targeted prospecting and grow their strategic connections overall. They also needed a replicable messaging framework to quickly pre-qualify new connections.

How we provided value

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Overall connection rate

299 leads with a lead value of $6,457,000

Our combination of solutions that did the job

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After creating search queries based on Transrail Innovation Group’s target persona, we launched a LinkedIn Connection campaign. We focused on targeting and capturing the right leads by using Connection campaigns to reach out to a targeted audience of ideal prospects, connect with them, and continue the conversation.

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Setting them up on the Sales Connector platform provided Transrail Innovation Group with the ability to find and track campaign statistics and filter their conversations on LinkedIn to target quality leads better.

The outcome

We utilized multiple LinkedIn Connection campaigns to target specific market subsets within the B2B rail industry. Marketing qualified leads increased dramatically from July 2020 to May 2021, especially as in-person meetings were eliminated due to the pandemic.

Phase 1 successfully built the overall connection base, resulting in a greater ability to target smaller markets for subsequent searches with Sales Navigator in phases 2 through 4. Newly qualified contacts entered the sales funnels as marketing qualified leads. Automated messages, canned responses, and a labeling system enabled Transrail Innovation Group to qualify relevant conversations quickly.

Our proprietary Sales Connector platform provided trackable metrics to measure MQLs and determine the efficacy of the marketing activity relative to their marketing budget. Integration with their CRM enabled the seamless transfer of MQL information for timely follow-up by their sales team.

Throughout the four phases of the connection campaigns from July 2020 to May 2021, Transrail Innovation Group had a 50% overall connection rate. Of those 1,428 connections, 683 of those connections replied, a reply rate of 47.8%, leading to 299 leads with a lead value of $6,457,000.

Campaigns Requests Connections Connection Rate Replies Reply Rate Leads Leads Value
Phase 1 865 518 60% 288 55% 27 $662,500
Phase 2 - Lead List I 915 409 45% 168 41% 238 $5,562,500
Phase 3 - Supply Chain 380 213 56% 116 54% 8 $150,000
Phase 4 - Lead List II 748 288 39% 111 38% 26 $82,000
Total 2,908 1,428 50% 683 47% 299 6,457,000

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