8-Week Deep Dive Into Your Marketing Funnel | Week 8: Refining your funnel

Welcome to Week 8, the final episode of our 8-week Marketing Funnel Deep Dive podcast series. In these podcasts, we discuss the fundamentals of digital marketing and deep dive into eight key sections of your company’s marketing funnel, covering one per week with a series of questions and topics answered and discussed by boomtime marketing experts.

This week, we discuss how to refine your funnel. We talk about why it’s essential to refine your funnel and the key strategies that make the most sense for B2B. We review some of the high-level KPIs to benchmark your overall performance and discuss the best tools for reporting and analyzing those metrics. We dive into how and when to refine your marketing techniques, along with other aspects related to this eighth and final stage of your digital marketing funnel.

Please take a listen as we wrap up our Marketing Funnel Deep Dive podcast series.

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