The #2 marketing mistake that I see over and over again

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Why your marketing doesn’t work

Consistency. Actually, the lack of consistency. Right after the “#1 mistake in marketing,” it’s the lack of consistency that causes your marketing to fail.

There are no miracles in marketing. Trying a new approach for a month or two is a recipe for failure. It would be better to light your money on fire, video it, and pray for the YouTube video going viral. It might work.

Or, instead, you can commit to a long term strategy that is proven to work. One that focuses on the three goals of B2B marketing:

  1. Build your audience
  2. Capture and follow-up on leads
  3. Staying top-of-mind

We’ve followed the data for hundreds of companies, and we not only know exactly how to accomplish these goals, we’re going to tell you! The three pillars of B2B marketing:

  1. Website that effectively tells your story and captures leads
  2. Email marketing that follows up on your leads and keeps you top-of-mind with your audience
  3. Leveraging LinkedIn to aggressively grow your audience of exactly the right prospects

It’s not complicated. It is difficult to do well and – most importantly – consistently. But if you know you’re investing in a proven strategy, it is a lot easier to make that commitment. We lay out everything you need to do in the B2B Word of Mouth Marketing Podcast.

Questions about your marketing in your B2B company? Reach out to me at

All the best,

Bill Bice

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