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Episode 27 – Strategic Planning

It is the time of year when we are evaluating the successes and areas for improvement for the year that has passed. With the holidays upon us and the new year on the horizon, it is time to look to 2020 as a year for growth. read more

Episode 25 – What To Expect

Transparency has never been more important than it is now in the age of reviews and reputation management. This is why it is so important to clearly explain what it is you do and be as transparent about the process as possible. read more

Episode 24 – What Is Your Why?

Sometimes the “why” of what we do is as simple as solving a common problem or because it saves money. In reality, the “why” not only drives your business but also convinces your customers to do business with you. read more

Episode 22 – Nurturing Campaigns

Nurturing emails are about creating relationships. In this episode, we go through a series of emails designed to help your audience believe you when you say, “We’re here to help.” read more

Episode 21 – What is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing is about planting seeds through brand awareness, messaging, communication campaigns and the like. Sales is about leveraging marketing tools to build relationships, authority, and trust in order to ultimately close deals. In this episode, we explore the differences and similarities, and why it is important to understand them both. read more

Episode 16 – How Technology Changed Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the one form of marketing that actually works because it began with trusted recommendations from friends and family to their personal networks. These referrals are gold – they are independent of marketing tactics and rely solely on the kind of experience an individual has with a brand, business or product. read more

Episode 15 – How to Build an Email List

In Episode 9 we talked about capturing leads, and in a recent episode, we discussed if Email marketing works. We came to the conclusion that it’s a resounding Yes. So with this in mind – the next logical question is How do you build an email list worth marketing too? read more

Episode 14 – Email is Dead. Long Live Email.

In Episode 8 we talked about why you need to automate your marketing. And touched briefly on nurturing campaigns and email marketing. Within this strategy is a whole world of debate and intrigue. So today let’s dive a little deeper into Email Marketing where we’ll answer the question being asked in the age of social media. Does it still work? read more

Episode 09 – Capturing Leads

In this episode, we put some depth into tactics you can use on your website and LinkedIn to capture leads and pull them further down the funnel. read more