If you’re thinking about what your long-term B2B marketing strategy is, there are three big goals you should be aiming for:

    1. Build your audience – the most undervalued asset in every business is your audience of clients and prospects. Getting great at capturing this audience will dramatically increase the value of your business over the long-term. It’s a challenge, though – no one likes using a CRM system. We built RECOVER to solve this problem, constantly monitoring your email system for new contacts and adding them to your email list and CRM. Have a LinkedIn? If not, start one, and if you do, are you leveraging it for the gold mine that it is? It’s the perfect place to get in front of the right prospects and expand your audience. Networking without the empty calories, LinkedIn Virtual Meet and Greet, and Get 8X more exposure on LinkedIn with one simple change for ways to optimize your profile, grow your connections and increase your engagement.
    2. Capture and follow-up on leads – having a large audience is great, but if you aren’t capturing and following up with leads, you’re not doing yourself any favors. You need to be capturing new prospects and then immediately following up with them. You might be wondering how to do that with the volume of leads you or your sales team is working with, and the answer is: automation. In order to effectively and efficiently follow up with leads, you need to automate. That’s why we developed our fuse automated digital marketing platform, to put scale behind these efforts.

    3. Staying top-of-mind – great content = great marketing, and your content needs to be sent out to your audience regularly, and provide them with insights they care about. Show off your firm’s expertise without making your content all about you. Engaging, insight-driven content is the best way to shorten a leads consideration cycle and garner long term retainment and referrals. Follow the data to understand what works, constantly testing and iterating to get better.

    Your strategic marketing plan needs to be long term – quick fixes or hacks aren’t going to cut it. I talk about this in Random Acts of Marketing – there is no shortcut that’s going to give you the kind of results you really want to see from your marketing efforts.

    How do you make this happen? Implement the pillars legs of reaching your B2B marketing goals.

    Or, check out our podcast, where we lay it all out: B2B Word of Mouth Marketing Podcast.

    All the best,

    Bill Bice

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